Pure wheat bran for feed insects

100 % pure nature: PURE WHEAT BRAN! The ingenious, inexpensive vital food for all food insects.

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Food bran for food insects - the perfect vital food

With our pure wheat bran you receive a purely natural insect food, which - in contrast to some other feeds for feed insects - gets by completely without additives and thus represents an ideal food source for feed insects. Our wheat bran is particularly suitable for all grasshoppers, crickets, house crickets, melhworms, zophobas or buffalos. Preservatives? You will look in vain for them in our proven feed bran, because only food insects that have been fed in a species-appropriate manner will provide an all-round healthy food for your insectivorous reptiles. This ensures that your reptiles always have a reliable supply of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals - an important basis for healthy development and a long reptile life. Wheat bran - used as feed bran - is particularly suitable for supplying locusts, crickets or cockroaches with suitable nutrients. In addition, our wheat bran is an excellent substrate for many species of feed insects. Especially for the Zophobas (black beetle larvae) and mealworms, which are very popular as feed insects, feed bran is almost perfect. If the feed bran is changed at least once a week, excretions and condensation water from the larvae are also removed, which keeps the feed insects healthy and agile for much longer. So you save a lot of money when buying food insects in the long run and can always offer your reptiles high-quality live food.

If you use our wheat bran (feed bran) to feed cockroaches and grasshoppers, the feed bran should always be as fresh as possible. Especially if you want to keep the feed insects healthy over a longer period of time, you should pay attention to fresh feed bran. For the nutrition of grasshoppers and cockroaches a good feed bran is indispensable in any case. Test the quality of our feed bran yourself - your feed insects and reptiles will thank you for it.

You will receive 1000 ml of our high-quality bran in a practical storage box.

straight feedingstuff
Crude fibre: 12.5%.
Water: max. 14,5%.


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Content 250 gram

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