Dragon Rodent Cage (incl. drinking bottle)

Made of high-strength plastic: DRAGON RODENT CAGE! Professional quality for your own rodent breeding.

  • Rodent Cage with fodder rack, drinking bottle and separator plate
  • 100 % escape-proof due to close-meshed steel grid
  • Made of almost indestructible Macrolon
  • Easy to clean

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Dragon Rodent Cage (rat cage) - optimal for rodent breeding

Those who are seriously concerned with their own rodent breeding will quickly face the problem of the correct and safe housing of mice and rats. Here we recommend the Dragon Rodent Cage - a well designed breeding box that also meets the demands of professional breeders. The Dragon Rodent Cage is perfectly finished and equipped. The Dragon Rodent Cage is made of easy-clean, rodent resistant plastic and is almost indestructible - the breeding box (in the large version also referred to as rat cage) easily withstands all attacks of rodent teeth and is 100% escape-proof. The equipment of the Dragon Rodent Cage also includes everything necessary for rodent breeding: a fodder rack with separating plate as well as a drinking bottle with a capacity of 600 ml of liquid. The rodent cages are particularly easy to clean, so that all contamination can be quickly removed by the breeding rodents. The lid consists of a close-meshed steel grid, which makes an escape absolutely impossible for the animals.

You can receive the Dragon Rodent Cage from us in two practical sizes that makes keeping and transporting mice and rats a piece of a cake.

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Manufacturer Dragon Terraristik
Content 1 piece

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