Trixie Universal Hygiene Spray

The strong clean man in the storage bottle: TRIXIE UNIVERSAL HYGIENE SPRAY! The practical and effective 3-in-1 solution.

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Trixie Universal Hygiene Spray - has a strong and lasting effect against odours and parasites

With the practical Trixie Universal Hygiene Spray you get three effective agents at once. This easy-to-use preparation acts equally as a disinfectant, insecticide and odour killer. The Hygiene Spray is very effective against bacteria, parasites and unpleasant odours in the terrarium. Mites, fleas, flies and mosquitoes don't stand a chance here - just a few sprays of Trixie Universal Hygiene Spray are enough to fight parasites effectively. If you use the spray for odor control, the effect will last up to a week before you should spray again. If you notice an acute infestation with parasites, spray the surroundings of your animals once three days in a row. The Universal Hygiene Spray is best suited to prevent parasite infestation, e.g. when rearing young animals.

Never apply Trixie Universal Hygienic Spray directly to the animal. If you want to treat a terrarium, take your pets out of the terrarium first. If possible, do not spray directly on areas that are used for food intake.

Here's how to use Trixie Universal Hygienic Spray properly:

Keep a spraying distance of 50 cm to the area to be treated and apply between 3 and 5 sprays per 50 cm length. Then leave the room for at least 15 minutes and keep it closed. Ventilate for at least 30 minutes. The spray needs about 15 minutes at a room temperature of 20° C until it is completely dry. Remove any residue with a mild household cleaner.

Important: Trixie Universal Hygiene Spray is a biocide approved in Germany. It is essential to follow the safety and application instructions on the bottle and in the enclosed instructions for use.

active ingredients: 2.5 g/kg tetramethrin, 1g/kg permethrin, 10 g/kg piperonyl butoxide, 985.5 g/kg ethanol

You will receive 500 ml of Trixie Universal Hygienic Spray in the practical storage bottle with spray head. The product is ready to use and can be applied directly.

Content: 500 ml
Active ingredients: 2,5 g/kg Tetramethrin
1 g/kg Permethrin
10 g/kg Piperonyl butoxide
985,5 g/kg Ethanol


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Content 500 milliliter

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