Hobby Foggy Ultrasonic Nebuliser

Small and really strong: HOBBY FOGGY! Very compact fogger that is also ideal for small terrariums.

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Hobby Foggy ultrasonic fogger - the small, powerful Fogger

The use of ultrasonic nebulisers has proven itself in the optimal keeping of terrarium animals that depend on high humidity. But especially with small terrariums space is often a scarce commodity and therefore the use of a so-called fogger is not so easy. The solution is the ultra-compact Hobby Foggy, a powerful nebuliser that actually takes up very little space. With a height of only 8 cm, the Hobby Foggy is particularly suitable for small terrariums. The performance of this mini fogger is quite remarkable. The integrated reservoir holds 50 ml of liquid, which allows a nebulisation time of 2 hours. The power consumption is minimal - with only 2 watts the Hobby Foggy is a real energy saver.

Important: The Hobby Foggy ultrasonic nebuliser is equipped with a safety transformer, which switches off the nebuliser immediately if there is no liquid left. This reliably prevents overheating. The operation of the nebuliser is absolutely simple and the fog emitted is particularly fine. In this way you protect your terrarium animals from drying out and ensure an optimal feel-good atmosphere in the terrarium. While some Foggers available on the market produce a quite unpleasant operating noise, the Hobby Foggy ultrasonic fogger is a real ear-flatterer and convinces by its smooth running. Unpack, fill with water and off you go - the Hobby Foggy makes it easy for you.

The technical data of the Hobby Foggy ultrasonic nebuliser:
Operating voltage: 100 - 240 V
Switching power supply: 5 V - max. 1 A - 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 2 W
Dimensions: 8 cm (height), 6.5 cm (width) Cable length: 120 cm

Item ID 1432
Condition New
Model 37246
Manufacturer Hobby Terraristik
Content 1 piece

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