Exo Terra Forest Floor Floor Primer

The perfect substrate for tropical terrariums: EXO TERRA FOREST FLOOR! Absolutely natural, two-layer substrate for perfect terrarium hygiene.

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Item number RK1472E

Exo Terra Forest Floor - natural tropical forest substrate for terrariums

The new Exo Terra Forest Floor is a real tropical forest floor. Here you get a two-layer substrate that allows you to easily replicate the forest floor of drop forests in your home terrarium. Such ecosystems have a very special subsoil structure and this characteristic can be simulated very well with the Exo Terra Forest Floor subsoil. Tropical rainforest soil usually consists of two different layers, with the upper layer consisting of mosses and lichens (often also leaves). Underneath there is a layer of soil made of organic material - this can be wood or rotting leaves. The Exo Terra Forest Floor substrate is composed in the same way.

The upper layer of the substrate consists of sun-dried, natural, green moss (optionally also bamboo leaves or Ardisie leaves) from a sustainable source. The result is a soft floor covering that also looks very attractive and looks like real forest flooring. The green moss (or leaves) offers terrarium animals a perfect opportunity to dig and hide. Many reptiles and amphibians like to look for food and water on the forest floors - so with the Exo Terra Forest Floor you also stimulate the natural behaviour of the animals. At the same time, this top layer protects the actual substrate underneath and makes it easier to store moisture so that it cannot dry out. The biodegradable mosses (or leaves) used here are free of chemical additives and can be composted without hesitation, e.g. on the domestic compost heap.

Exo Terra uses purely organic materials consisting of the ground fibres of coconut shells for the floor layer of Forest Floor. The result is a 100% natural substrate that is completely biodegradable and also has outstanding moisture binding properties in the terrarium. Exo Terra Forest Floor's soil layer is therefore perfect for naturally planted terrariums and for keeping reptiles or amphibians that require a high level of basic moisture - this applies to almost all terrarium protégés from tropical forest areas. The high water storage capacity, the natural root hormones and the fungicidal properties of coconut fibres are ideal for plant growth in the terrarium. Exo Terra Forest Floor Floor Primer also uses the pulp of the coconut fibres, resulting in a blend of short fibres and genuine coconut peat. The result is a perfect substrate with variable grain size, which optimally supports the outflow of moisture and also ideally ventilates the roots of terrarium plants.

By the way, the upper surface layer of moss or leaves also ensures that the soil layer always retains the correct basic moisture. In this way you create your own ecosystem in the terrarium, which creates ideal conditions for beneficial bacteria, which naturally remove waste products and dirt and thus reduce odours. Exo Terra Forest Floor substrate has been carefully heat-treated to completely eliminate contamination with unwanted bacteria.

And this is how you use Exo Terra Forest Floor Floor Primer correctly:

First spread a 5-10 cm thick layer of soil on the bottom of your terrarium and moisten the substrate if you need a higher moisture level for your terrarium animals. Now the terrarium is prepared as usual with decoration objects. Finally, apply the top layer of moss or leaves. Control the humidity level in the terrarium permanently with a hygrometer - we have a large selection of such devices ready for you. A substrate heater should be placed under the terrarium if the humidity for the species you are keeping should be very high. If the substrate is heavily soiled, please remove it accordingly. Depending on the condition and duration of use, the substrate should be completely replaced from time to time.

Exo Terra Forest Floor Bodengrund is available in the following finishes:

Exo Terra Tropical Forest Floor - green moss top layer

Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Floor - top layer of real bamboo leaves

Exo Terra Equatorial Forest Floor - top layer from real Ardisie leaves

Please also select the desired volume. Exo Terra Forest Floor Floor Primer is available in 1.1/3.3 litre or 2.2/6.6 litre packs.

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