The Bearded Dragon, Dwarf Bearded Dragon & Australian Deaf Dragon (Authors: Christian Freynik/Oliver Drewes)

The top publication in Agamen: THE BEARDED DRAGON, DWARF BEARDED DRAGON & AUSTRALIAN DEAF DRAGON! Everything you need to know about these popular agama species.

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Item number RK1156

The Bearded Dragon, Dwarf Bearded Dragon & Australian Deaf Dragon (Terraristic Book, VIVARIA Verlag, Softcover, 80 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: Basic husbandry for bearded dragons, dwarf bearded dragons and Australian deaf dragons
ISBN: 978-3-9813176-4-0

Bearded dragons live in Australia, but also feel "poodle-well" in German terrariums. Even general online encyclopaedias like Wikipedia are dedicated to the bearded dragons and their currently eight recognized species, whereby serious terrarists, who want to inform themselves in more detail about the keeping of cute reptiles in the terrarium, cannot avoid studying special literature. This terrarium book from the VIVARIA publishing house comes into consideration, and this for beginners as well as experts of the reptile care. In fact, "Die Bartagame, Zwergbartagame & Australische Taubagame" (80 page softcover volume) by the author duo Christian Freynik and Oliver Drewes is regarded as the "Bible" of bearded dragon care, whereby the "range" of the richly and high-quality illustrated reference book and the treated species are already mentioned in the title. Because "The Bearded Dragon, Dwarf Bearded Dragon & Australian Deaf Dragon" deals with three widespread and popular species of Bearded Dragons. Thus, in addition to the largest species, Pogona vitticeps, and the increasingly popular, smaller species, Pogona henrylawsoni, Tympanocryptis tetraporophora is also described as a lesser known representative of the popular agamen genus.

In fact, the Australian deaf dragon (Tympanocryptis tetraporophora) is currently on the advance. This is shown by numerous posts and entries on expert forums, where the optimal keeping of the small bearded dragons in the steppe terrarium is discussed. Especially because the animals are also suitable for smaller terrariums and have a lot to offer optically thanks to their intensive brownish to brick-red coloration, the authors did well to include Tympanocryptis tetraporophora as the third in a bundle in their standard work among the terrarium books. "The bearded dragon, the dwarf bearded dragon & the Australian deaf dragon" then also deals with the "Hercules" of the genus, Pogona vitticeps, the bearded dragon with its stripes head, which reaches a head-to-torso length of 30 centimetres and is rather strongly built. Nevertheless, the bearded dragon species is frequently kept, although many experts fear that the animals are all too often housed in too small terrariums. So it would be nice if the Terraristikbuch from the VIVARIA publishing house could promote a little more understanding for the proud reptiles here and make a better life under our care possible for our bearded dragons. Because also Pogona henrylawsoni, the only 15 centimeters large dwarf dragon, makes demands on her holders, which are in no relation to her small size. Each keeper in spe should therefore be aware of the responsibility for his bearded dragons, which can live to be 15 years old. This also includes a certain thirst for knowledge, which is undoubtedly quenched by "The Bearded Dragon, the Dwarf Bearded Dragon & the Australian Deaf Dragon".

Our conclusion to "The Bearded Dragon, Dwarf Bearded Dragon & Australian Deaf Dragon": Beginners and advanced terrarists will get their money's worth with this terrarium book. If you are looking for information about the keeping and peculiarities of bearded dragons, we can only warmly recommend this book to you. "The bearded dragon, the dwarf bearded dragon and the Australian deaf dragon" gets straight to the point and provides the reptile owner with concentrated specialist knowledge without getting bored. This is what good terrarium literature looks like.

About the authors of "The bearded dragon, the dwarf bearded dragon & the Australian deaf dragon":

It is almost logical that those who have devoted themselves as children to the great lizards, the dinosaurs, the terrible lizards, will later lose their hearts to reptiles. And so Christian Freynik, born in Berlin in 1982, has been involved in the care of terrarium animals for several years. As a proven expert, he knows what can be done wrong with reptiles of the genera Uta and Takydromus when he was a child. The above mentioned work should protect beginners from fatal wrong decisions and save the future holders of expensive lessons and the bearded dragons unnecessary suffering. For Freynik himself, the attitude of his dwarf bearded dragons and the photography are a successful balance to the often stressful work in an Apple computer shop.

It's great that Oliver Drewes, born in 1970 in Haan, is the founder of VIVARIA Verlag, and he's also taking up the pen himself. Drewes, who has been enthusiastic about keeping ornamental fish and terrarium animals since childhood, has a lot to say and report for beginners as well as for advanced fishers. This was also demonstrated by publications for Wachtberg and Gräfe & Unzer Verlag. In 2005 Drewes, who works in a traditional company of the pet industry as an authorised signatory (focus on terraristics), founded VIVARIA Verlag. And the expert will not let go of the matter even within his own four walls. Because privately Drewes cares for different terrarium animals and Malawi cichlids.

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