The leopard gecko and its colour variations (Authors: Dirk Duscha/Oliver Drewes)

The modern standard work about the leopard gecko: THE LEOPARD GECKO AND ITS COLOR VARIATIONS! Genuine professional terrarium information for owners and prospective breeders.

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The leopard gecko and its colour variants (Terraristikbuch, VIVARIA Verlag, Hardcover, 160 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: Basic husbandry principles and information about the colour variants of leopard geckos
ISBN: 978-3-9813176-8-8

No gecko species is more popular with private reptile owners than the leopard gecko. No wonder: With its gorgeous appearance and relatively uncomplicated keeping, the Leopardgecko (Eublepharis macularius) is also a suitable terrarium animal for beginners in the wonder world of terrariums. Located in the dry and semi-dry steppes of the Near East, the majority of the leopard geckos kept in terrariums here in Germany today come from offspring, with most of the ancestors probably coming from Pakistan. Little astonishing, this Geckoart occurs there particularly frequently, what is reflected also in its alternative name "Pakistani fat-tailgecko".

The leopard gecko has probably achieved its high popularity among reptile keepers not least due to the fact that there is now an almost incalculable number of different color variants, which are the result of the experimental joy of human breeders. Whether High Yellow, Albino, Ghost or Emerald - Leopardgeckos can be found in a variety of fascinating colour drawings and new ones are constantly being added.

This topic is now in the foreground of "The Leopard Gecko and its colour variations" and in our opinion it is the best collection of knowledge about Leopard Gecko currently available. Oliver Drewes and Dirk Duscha have presented a book on terraristics that can be described with a clear conscience as the Bible for keepers and friends for leopard geckos. On 160 pages (with over 260 photos and many illustrations) "The leopard gecko and its colour variations" conveys terraristic knowledge in its purest form - easy to understand and really exciting. Over 90 colour variations, such as the Black Night on the back cover, are taken into account in this terrarium book. And besides a highly informative general part describing the optimal keeping of leopard geckos, a large part of this fascinating book is devoted to practical color breeding and gives an overview of the most popular color morphs of these beautiful geckos. Who would like to enter into the color breeding of Leopardgeckos himself, receives here founded basic knowledge.

Our conclusion: You won't find anything better on the German book market about leopard gecko at the moment. "The leopard gecko and its colour variations" can already be described as a standard work among the terrarium books.

About the authors of "The leopard gecko and its colour variations":

Dirk Duscha has been cultivating and breeding leopard geckos very successfully for many years - with special love for colour variations. As a civil servant in a prison in Lower Saxony he founded a terraristic group together with some inmates. Today Dirk Duscha works as a civil servant in the social therapy department of the prison. Large parts of his spare time still belong to the leopard geckos.

Oliver Drewes is the founder of VIVARIA Verlag and as such one of the country's great terrarium experts. He has been enthusiastic about keeping ornamental fish and terrarium animals since his earliest childhood. Oliver Drewes worked 15 years in leading positions in the pet supplies industry and became known as an author for the publishing houses Wachtberg, Gräfe & Unzer and Dähne. Many of his reference books have been published here. In 2005 he founded the VIVARIA publishing house and made a name for himself with many excellent terraristic publications.

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