The forest terrarium and its inhabitants (Author: Oliver Drewes)

What you should know about forest terrariums: THE FOREST TERRARIUM AND ITS INHABITANTS! Popular, exciting and informative terrarium book.

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Item number RK1150

The forest terrarium and its inhabitants (Terraristikbuch, VIVARIA Verlag, Softcover, 96 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: Important basic knowledge about reptile husbandry in forest terrariums
ISBN: 978-3-9813176-1-9

Already then, when we stroll through a native mixed or floodplain forest, the unmistakable feeling creeps up on us that forest is not the same as forest. For even near streams, in root systems and holes in the ground under trees or in the dense moss cushions we will rarely find the "dripping" wetness for which the rainforests and primeval forests of the tropics, which we imitate in many terrariums, are known. VIVARIA Verlag and the well-known terrarium book author Oliver Drewes did well to publish "Das Waldterrarium und seine Bewohner" (The Forest Terrarium and its Inhabitants), their own work for the lizards and amphibians of the temperate forests of Europe, North America and Asia.

Fire Salamanders and Tree Frogs are, as long as they come from offspring and have thus legally entered our terrarium, both magnificent and interesting fosterlings, who have more than earned their own terrarium, which is perfectly adapted to their needs. Admittedly, the Rotkehlanolis, which used to be presented in older terrarium literature as the inhabitants of a warm and humid rainforest terrarium, are now considered to be typical cultivators for the forest terrarium. In principle, the forest terrarium forms the link between the dry terrarium on one side and the jungle terrarium on the other extreme and can also be counted as an ideal habitat for many gecko species.

In the now available standard work on the semi-wet or semi-dry terrarium Drewes describes on 96 pages and with 116 illustrations everything we need to know about the forest terrarium. And that's not little, because we have to make sure that the air circulation is right and that it doesn't get too warm in summer for the amphibians and lizards. But this is exactly what "Das Waldterrarium und seine Bewohner" wants and can provide. The terrarium book not only conveys the basics of terrarium furnishing, decoration and technique, but also portrays in detail the most popular terrarium animals that feel "poodle-well" in a lovingly furnished forest terrarium. Hopefully long, because some salamanders can live to be 20 or 30 years old.

Our conclusion: Today we have to realize that the classic classification of terrariums from the beginnings of terraristics - aquaterrariums, desert terrariums and rainforest basins, in addition perhaps a terrarium for lizards and amphibians of temperate latitudes - is outdated. Rather, our terrariums must be as diverse as nature itself. Just to be able to stand up to those who run against our beautiful hobby Sturm. The forest terrarium and its inhabitants", which just treats the terrarium type "between" very humid and desert terrarium and therefore offers lizards and amphibians with very special requirements a suitable home, can be more than helpful here. Numerous tried and tested instructions ensure that even advanced terrarium keepers are always happy to take the book into their own hands.

About the author of "Das Waldterrarium und seine Bewohner":

It is not necessarily customary for the founder of a publishing house to take the proverbial pen into his own hands. But in Oliver Drewes, who founded VIVARIA Verlag in 2005, we are dealing with a very active author who has written many a terraristic textbook and highlight. Who's surprised?! After all, Drewes, born 1970 in Haan, has been fascinated by the keeping of ornamental fish and terrarium animals since childhood. In 1999 he was even able to turn his hobby into his profession and since then has been employed in a traditional company in the zoo industry. Aquaristic and terraristic products are thus quasi "his daily bread". Nevertheless, there is and still is time for all kinds of technical contributions. Drewes has worked as an author for various renowned publishing houses that market books on the keeping of terrarium animals in Germany and the USA, including Wachtberg and Gräfe & Unzer Verlag.

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