The Yemen Chameleon (Author: Sascha Esser/Oliver Drewes)

One of the best terrarium books on the subject: THE YEMEN CHAMELEON! Everything you need to know about the correct keeping of these beautiful reptiles.

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Item number RK1146

The Yemen chameleon (Terraristic book, VIVARIA Verlag, Softcover, 64 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: Elementary information about the posture of the Yemen chameleon
ISBN: 978-3-9813176-7-1

Chameleons such as the Yemen chameleon are rather quiet fosterlings in the terrarium, who are deliberately shuffling their way through the branches. Master of deceleration, the Yemen chameleon was therefore once called by "Wilhelma" in Stuttgart. With Sascha Esser, a proven expert now deals with the popular reptiles, who learned in Cologne Zoo. In "Das Yemenchamäleon" Esser, together with the well-known terrarium book author Oliver Drewes, dedicates himself to the chameleon species which is probably the most frequently kept and bred in our terrariums. Yemen chameleons are stately reptiles that keep their other relatives at a distance, even in terms of maximum size. Because such a Yemen chameleon can easily become 60 centimetres long.

In principle, Yemen chameleons are regarded as easy to keep terrarium inhabitants. And yet, and not only because of the pronounced territorial behaviour of the males, some thought must be given to their care. The animals, which live in their natural habitat on acacias and various useful plants and prefer the airy height to the ground, are therefore preferably kept in pairs and in sufficiently large terrariums (if necessary also indoors). Whereby also here male and female are not always and automatically "green". For the author duo, therefore, in addition to topics such as terrarium technology and the purchase of a Yemen chameleon, proper care, socialization and nutrition also play a major role. Only if the conditions are right, the Yemen chameleon will inspire us with his interesting behaviour and the mating and reproduction will come to a happy end.

Our conclusion: The beautiful terrarium book "Das Yemenchamäleon" from the VIVARIA publishing house is highly recommendable to all those who seriously want to deal with this interesting inhabitant of the Arabian peninsula. On 80 pages, illustrated with 34 high-quality photos and two illustrations, the reader finds everything worth knowing about the stately small animal eater - starting with the suitable nutrition with live food (crickets, house crickets and grasshoppers), which can be supplemented vegetarian, up to the terrarium size and suitable equipment. It is logical that the ideal temperature and humidity as well as the necessary technical equipment should also be discussed. The VIVARIA reference book "Das Yemenchamäleon" is supplemented by a glossary and a list of helpful addresses. This leaves hardly a question unanswered!

About the authors of Yemen Chameleon:

With Sascha Esser and Oliver Drewes, VIVARIA Verlag has a real dream team at the start, two proven experts in terrarium keeping and animal care who have been familiar with reptiles since their youth. Sascha Esser, born in Kerpen in 1976, completed his civilian service in animal welfare at the Otter Centre in Hankelsbüttel after completing his training at Cologne Zoo. Sascha Esser has been in charge of the animal house of the Zoological Research Institute Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn, one of the most important natural history museums in Germany, since 2001, after a brief employment at the Heidelberg Zoo. Esser, who already in his childhood cared for turtles and newts, could make his hobby, the love of animals, his profession. To this day, he also privately keeps various terrarium animals, whereby his special passion is chameleons, giant snakes and geckos. Since Esser raises dozens of Yemen chameleons every year in the course of his professional activities, he is probably predestined like no other for a textbook on the Yemen chameleon.

The Yemen Chameleon" also lives from the profound expertise of Oliver Drewes, who already in his tender childhood cared for ornamental fish and terrarium animals. After graduating from high school in 1990, the author, who was born in Haan in 1970, found it difficult to choose between studying biology or graphic design. So difficult that he "skipped" both disciplines and decided instead to train as an industrial clerk and study business administration. Nevertheless, Drewes remained faithful to the reptiles and his beloved terraristics. Since 1999, the author of "The Yemen Chameleon" has been working for a traditional company in the pet industry with a focus on aquaristic and terraristic products. The Yemen Chameleon" is not the first and only book for which Drewes used his pen. Many readers also know him from publications in Wachtberg and Gräfe und Unzer Verlag; in 2005 Drewes founded his own publishing house with VIVARIA Verlag.

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