Raptor UV Power Pack

Impressive UV power for the terrarium: RAPTOR UV POWER PACK! The high-quality complete set from Solar Raptor.

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Raptor UV Power Pack - the powerful complete set from Solar Raptor 

For reptiles with an increased UV requirement, Solar Raptor offers the perfect combination: the RAPTOR UV POWER PACK. It contains everything you need for connection and operation. Simply select the Solar Raptor H.I.D. Lamp in the desired strength and design (Spot or Flood). For this purpose you decide on the size of the Solar Raptor Clamp Lamp, which can be mounted flexibly in any terrarium. The suitable electronic ballast from Solar Raptor we pack directly with it. All components are perfectly matched and you can start right away. Example

We can only warmly recommend our RAPTOR UV POWER PACK. Not only the high savings compared to the unit prices is a clear statement. Solar Raptor convinces simply by perfectly matched components and a significantly higher performance than comparable UV sets. Your terrarium animals benefit from a lot of daylight with perfect spectrum, healthy warmth and vital UV-A/UV-B radiation. In addition, everything in the RAPTOR UV POWER PACK is designed for a long life. This is another way to save your wallet in the long run.

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Solar Raptor H.I.D. UV lamp

Solar Raptor Electronic Ballast

Solar Raptor Clamp Lamp

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