Hobby Sunlight Eco Halogen Spotlight

The energy saver with halogen spotlights: HOBBY SUNLIGHT ECO! The optimal combination of perfect daylight and warmth for terrarium animals.

  • High-quality terrarium halogen spotlight from quality production
  • Ideal combination of heat and light
  • Imitates the spectrum of sunlight, for maximum vitality
  • With plenty of healthy UV-A, optimum colour rendering thanks to perfect 4-colour spectrum
  • Electricity savings of approx. 30%.
  • Particularly long service life (approx. 2,000 hours)

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Hobby Sunlight Eco - the high-quality terrarium halogen spotlight with great saving effect

The Hobby Sunlight Eco Halogen Spotlight is certainly a good choice to simulate natural sunlight in the terrarium. As basic lighting for the terrarium, the Hobby Sunlight Eco Spotlight has everything that a good daylight lamp needs and is well suited to the requirements of reptiles. This is not least noticeable in the incredibly good colour rendering of the Hobby Sunlight Eco, which plays an important role in the terrarium that should not be underestimated. The Hobby Sunlight Eco Halogen Spotlight achieves an excellent value of 87.3 Ra, which provides a colour rendering that is rarely found in this price range. Reptiles suddenly show their most beautiful colours in the terrarium. The Hobby Sunlight Eco offers a perfect colour temperature of 2636 K at the same time and reptiles experience a real feel-good atmosphere. The spectrum of this daylight lamp comes very close to the natural light conditions in nature. This is also noticeable in the emission of UV radiation: The proportion of vital UV-A in the light spectrum of the Hobby Sunlight Eco spotlight provides additional vitality for reptiles. Also ingenious: The built-in reflector of the daylight lamp focuses the light so effectively that the Hobby Sunlight Eco also serves as a heat source for warming up the terrarium. And despite this high performance, the Hobby Sunlight Eco halogen spotlight is also a real energy saver. Compared to its predecessor, the Hobby Sunlight Sunlight Reflector, it offers an energy saving of approx. 30 %.

As far as the quality and workmanship of the Hobby Sunlight Eco Spotlight is concerned, this terrarium halogen spotlight does not need to shy away from comparisons. The processing quality is outstanding and you already notice this when you take this terrarium lamp for the first time in the hand. All Hobby Sunlight Eco Halogen Spotlights come from tested quality production and this not least also stands for a significantly longer service life compared to conventional daylight lamps. Quality that you can see and that pays off!

The Hobby Sunlight Eco (E 27 standard thread) is available in four different performance classes, according to the needs of your terrarium:

Hobby Sunlight Eco Halogen Spotlight, 28 Watt. For rearing and smallest terrariums
Hobby Sunlight Eco Halogen Spotlight, 40 Watt. Ideal for small terrariums
Hobby Sunlight Eco Halogen Spotlight, 70 Watt. The all-rounder for medium-sized terrariums
Hobby Sunlight Eco Halogen Spotlight, 108 Watt. Perfect for high terrariums or desert terrariums

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Manufacturer Hobby Terraristik
Content 1 piece

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