Hobby Clamp Lamp - robust terrarium clamp lamp with aluminium shade

Inexpensive and really practical: HOBBY CLAMP LAMP! The terrarium clamp lamp with the practical ball joint - top workmanship.

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Hobby Clamp Lamp - safe ceramic socket including practical ball joint

Clamp lamps have always been very popular for terrarium lighting. No wonder: clamp lamps can be very quickly installed on the terrarium and they are suitable for many types of terrarium lamps. Of course the Hobby Clamp Lamp for terrarium lamps is no exception, but nevertheless this clamp lamp is something special. The Hobby Clamp Lamp has been designed absolutely practical and for the daily needs of us terrarists and you will notice that immediately! The Hobby Clamp Lamp's functional ball-and-socket joint is absolutely practical, allowing you to turn the screen of the terrarium clamp lamp into practically any position. In concrete terms, this means that the screen can be rotated both vertically and horizontally by 360°. Brilliant! And targeted lighting is suddenly no longer a problem at all. Also no problem: the secure attachment of the Hobby Clamp Lamp. A strong clamp and the matching wing screw ensure a perfect hold.

When it comes to safety, the Hobby Clamp Lamp is in the green anyway, because the high-quality ceramic lampholder has a lot to offer. With the large version of the Hobby Clamp Lamp you can operate terrarium lamps with an output of up to 150 watts with a clear conscience. Since the ceramic socket of the clamp lamp is equipped with a very conventional E27 thread, you can use many common illuminants for the terrarium lighting with the Hobby Clamp Lamp. A 180 cm long connection cable and a practical switch add the finishing touch to the Hobby Clamp Lamp. I see.…bevor Sie fragen: Klar ist, dass die Hobby Clamp Lamp (das gilt für alle Terrarienklemmlampen) immer nur außerhalb des Terrariums angebracht werden darf. Ein Betrieb im Inneren des Terrariums ist nicht möglich, da sich sonst massive Verletzungsgefahren für Ihre Reptilien und andere Terrarientiere ergeben könnten.

You will find the right size for your terrarium at the Hobby Clamp Lamp under guarantee - the terrarium clamp lamp is available in two different sizes:

- Hobby Clamp Lamp Terrarium clamp lamp small (lamp shade diameter 14 cm, for lamps up to 60 Watt)
- Hobby Clamp Lamp Terrarium clamp lamp large (lamp shade diameter 26 cm, for lamps up to 150 Watt)

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Condition New
Model 37096
Manufacturer Hobby Terraristik
Content 1 piece

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