Solar Raptor Y-Cable for DRV

Maximum flexibility in terrarium lighting: SOLAR RAPTOR Y-CABLE FOR DRV! Operate multiple SolarRaptor/SolarStinger light sources on one ballast.

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Solar Raptor Y-Cable for DRV

With the practical Solar Raptor Y-cable for your DRV (ballast) you get maximum flexibility in terrarium lighting. In addition to the SunStrip, the Solar Raptor Y cable also fits all other SolarRaptor/SolarStinger light sources with the proven 6-pin connector. Top workmanship, quick to install, easy to use, ideal for quickly expanding the lighting in the terrarium. You can adjust your light installation in the terrarium via Y-cable, because the Solar Raptor Y-cables can also be connected with each other.

Attention: Please remember that the total wattage of the connected lamps must not exceed the output power of your Solar Raptor DRV.

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Model 00011553
Manufacturer Solar Raptor
Content 1 piece

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