Zoo Med Turtle Log (floating tree trunk)

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Super decorative and practical for aquatic terrariums and aquariums: ZOO MED TURTLE LOG! Floating tree trunk in lifelike optics.

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  • Unglaublich dekorativ für Aqua-Terrarien, Paludarien und Aquarien
  • Bietet Versteck- und Klettermöglichkeiten für Wasserschildkröten und Amphibien
  • Aus hochwertigem Kunststoff - leicht zu reinigen und ewig haltbar
  • Kann durch Zusatzgewicht an der Unterseite nicht umgekippt werden

Zoo Med Turtle Log Floating tree trunk - optically beautiful and practical swimming island of an extraordinary kind (for turtles and amphibians)

It looks good and it floats! Zoo Med Turtle Log is a beautiful addition to conventional swimming islands, as they are often used in aquatic terrariums and paludariums. Zoo Med Turtle Log looks completely natural and has been modeled down to the last detail on a hollowed out tree trunk and looks like a real piece of driftwood in the aquatic terrarium (paludarium). The Zoo Med Turtle Log is made of easy-care uretha, which is itself 100% floatable and naturally free of harmful substances. Your turtles will be particularly enthusiastic about this new "toy", as the Zoo Med Turtle Log is often climbed as a dry place to rest. Also beautiful: The interior of the Zoo Med Turtle Log is used by turtles and amphibians as a sleeping place. Last but not least, the Zoo Med Turtle Log also serves as a hiding place for water turtles or amphibians in case the terrarium should become too "stressful".

The fact that Zoo Med Turtle Log is designed to be absolutely secure against tipping over guarantees that your terrarium protégés will not get into "stress" during exploration and climbing themselves. The underside of the Zoo Med Turtle Log has been provided with an additional weight for this purpose. Refined and practical! Zoo Med Turtle Log is very easy to clean due to its robust and easy-care material. As with real driftwood, algae will form at the Zoo Med Turtle Log over time - these algae are of course completely harmless to turtles and Co. However, if this should bother you, simply remove the Zoo Med Turtle Log from the aquatic terrarium (paludarium), keep it under running water and remove the impurities quickly and easily with a toothbrush. By the way: The Zoo Med Turtle Log is also a beautiful decoration for many aquariums, which is very popular with tropical fish, for example, as cover.

Dimensions of the Zoo Med Turtle Log: Approx. 30 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm

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