Zoo Med ReptiVite with Vitamin D3

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No question, for reptiles just healthy: ZOO MED REPTIVITE WITH VITAMIN D3! The high-quality mineral, vitamin and amino acid complex specially developed for reptiles.

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  • Ideales Calcium-Phosphor-Verhältnis von 2:1
  • Alle für Reptilien notwendigen Mineralien, Vitamine und 16 isolierten Aminosäuren enthalten
  • Hohe Haftbarkeit an Insekten und allem Reptilienfutter für einfache Dosierung - nicht wasserlöslich
  • Wird weltweit in Zoos und Instituten für Reptilien eingesetzt - das Standardprodukt schlechthin

Zoo Med ReptiVite with vitamin D3 - all-round care for all reptiles.

ReptiVite with vitamin D3 from Zoo Med is probably the world's best-known preparation for the complete supply of reptiles with vitamins and minerals. This is certainly also due to the fact that ReptiVite with vitamin D3 is suitable for all reptiles. Whether it's herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. Thanks to its balanced composition, ReptiVite offers reliable all-round protection against diseases and growth disorders - for the entire life of a reptile. The mineral and vitamin powder from Zoo Med contains all important minerals and vitamins. And as the first vitamin and mineral preparation for reptiles, ReptiVite even contains all 16 isolated amino acids that strengthen terrarium inhabitants and ensure good digestion.

The basis of ReptiVite with vitamin D3 is calcium. Calcium is a vital basic building material for all reptiles. But much more important than pure calcium is the calcium-phosphorus ratio, because only then can reptiles utilize the calcium. Zoo Med has in the ReptiVite with vitamin D3 the ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus of 2:1 and thus ensures the vital calcium supply of your reptiles. And, of course, vitamin D3, which is so important for all reptiles, is also added in exactly the right proportion to enable calcium and phosphorus to be stored in the reptiles' skeletons. Thus ReptiVite with vitamin D3 ensures healthy shell growth, hard and stable bones, beaks and claws and ensures a long life for your reptiles.

And what else is in it? Very simple: Nothing! ReptiVite by Zoo Med does not contain any fillers such as soy, yeast or sugar. There is no better way and so it is probably no wonder that Zoo Med ReptiVite with vitamin D3 is not only used by many breeders of exotic reptiles worldwide, but also by many well-known zoos and other institutions dedicated to the species-appropriate keeping of reptiles.

How often should I feed ReptiVite with vitamin D3?

You should use ReptiVite with vitamin D3 at every feeding, but please use it sparingly. Feed insects are pollinated directly - no problem thanks to the good adhesion of ReptiVite with vitamin D3. You can easily spread a pinch of ReptiVite with vitamin D3 over salad, fruit or ready-to-eat food for reptiles. We recommend alternating the additional administration of a pure calcium preparation.

You get the healthy Zoo Med ReptiVite with vitamin D3 in the 57 gram can or for bulk consumers in the storage pack with 227 grams.

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