Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact energy saving lamp 10 % UV-B

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The most powerful UV-B compact lamp ever, especially for desert terrariums: ZOO MED REPTI SUN COMPACT ENERGY SAVING LAMP 10 % UV-B! High performance, high quality workmanship and extra long life.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Die leistungsstärkste und beste UV-B-Kompaktlampe überhaupt
  • Entspricht der Leistung einer 130-Watt-Glühbirne
  • Nur 23 Watt Leistungsaufnahme - unglaublich geringe Betriebskosten
  • 10 % UV-B und 30 % UV-A, ideal für Wüstenterrarien geeignet

Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact energy saving lamp 10% UV-B

Superlatives should be used sparingly, but if you call the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact energy-saving lamp with 10 % UV-B the best UV compact lamp on the market, then that is nothing but a simple truth! And what makes this UV-B compact lamp better than the rest? Quite simple: The difference with the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact is the product quality and the measurably better UV performance. As far as the quality of this energy-saving compact lamp for terrariums is concerned, it can already be "felt" if you just take this fantastic terrarium lamp in your hand. Nothing feels cheap here. And the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact also works in the terrarium. While the UV-B output of many inexpensive products is clearly reduced after just a few weeks of operation, the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact seems to have endless reserves - this compact terrarium lamp therefore needs to be replaced much less frequently. The Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact is simply masterly efficient when it comes to light output in the terrarium. This 23-watt compact lamp has a measured light output of a conventional 130-watt light bulb! This is simply record-breaking in the field of terraristics and no other energy-saving lamp for terrariums can even come close to it. If you are planning to purchase such a UV-B compact lamp, please check for yourself - the higher purchase costs justify the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact through much higher energy efficiency and a significantly longer service life. Much more expensive" suddenly turns into "much cheaper"!

A glance at the UV values of the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact also promises a lot of good things. With 10 % true UV-B radiation and excellent 30 % UV-A, the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact is the perfect candidate for use in desert terrariums and for keeping reptiles with particularly high UV radiation requirements, e.g. bearded dragons, chameleons or turtles. These reptiles need above all an increased UV-B radiation, because only this kind of light is the key to a healthy reptile life. UV-B prevents metabolic diseases, provides a firm bone structure in reptiles and works against malformations of the shell of turtles. UV-A, on the other hand, is essential for general vitality, increases the appetite of reptiles and increases their willingness to mate. By the way, the growth of terrarium plants is also strongly stimulated by UV-A radiation. The right name is therefore vital here, and the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact ensures that your terrarium protégés have everything they need. By the way, the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact is immediately ready for operation because a ballast is already integrated. The terrarium lamp can be operated with any conventional E27 socket - so everything is very simple!

Of course this UV compact lamp is not suitable for playing the solo entertainer in terrariums starting from a middle size and with reptiles with high UV requirement, because no compact lamp can afford that. In this case, the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact must be combined with a powerful UV area lamp. In this combination, the Zoo Med Repti Sun Compact then provides the necessary basic lighting, while the UV floodlight ensures sufficient supply of UV light and heat. This keeps your reptiles healthy and active.

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