Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3

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The perfect source of calcium: ZOO MED REPTI CALCIUM WITH D3! Supplies your reptiles with vital calcium and vitamin D3.

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  • Gegen Kalziummangel, Knochenerweichung (Rachitis) und Panzerdeformationen
  • Extrem feines Puder mit großer Oberfläche bewirkt hohe Bioverfügbarkeit für Reptilien
  • Reines Kalziumcarbonat - nicht aus Austernschalen hergestellt, die Giftstoffe enthalten können
  • Enthält die genau richtige Dosis Vitamin D3, die Reptilien zur Aufnahme von Kalzium benötigen

Zoo Med Repti Calcium - Calcium and Vitamin D3 as Vitamin Powder

Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3 is an ultrafine powder of pure calcium carbonate. Calcium pure, so to speak, and the only thing Repti has added to calcium with vitamin D3 is exactly the right dose of vitamin D3 for reptiles. Why do reptiles need calcium and vitamin D3? The calcium in the Zoo Med Repti Calcium is important for the hardness of bones, claws, shells and beaks of reptiles. However, it can only be stored in the bones if enough vitamin D3 is present. This is exactly why Zoo Med has added the exact dose of vitamin D3 required for Repti Calcium with vitamin D3. Zoo Med Repti Calcium with vitamin D3 effectively prevents bone softening (rickets) and other consequential damage caused by calcium deficiency in reptiles.

Zoo Med does not produce Repti Calcium from oyster shells, which may contain foreign substances. Unlike many other comparable products, Zoo Med Repti Calcium is a phosphorus-free preparation. This makes Repti Calcium ideal for supplying reptiles and amphibians with the vital vitamin D3. Zoo Med Repti Calcium with vitamin D3 has an extremely large surface due to a special manufacturing process, which causes the enormous biological availability of the product. This is the only way to ensure rapid absorption into the body of the reptiles.

And how is Zoo Med Repti Calcium dosed correctly?

Repti Calcium with vitamin D3 from Zoo Med is a pure calcium preparation with vitamin D3, which is used exclusively to increase the calcium level in reptiles. Repti Calcium should therefore be used in combination with other preparations that also contain vitamins and minerals, such as Zoo Med ReptiVite. Simply use Repti Calcium on one to two days a week, the rest of the time another vitamin powder or mineral powder.

Zoo Med Repti Calcium is available in 85-gram or 227-gram cans.

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