Zoo Med Repti Bark MEGAPACK

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Top-ground ground for the large stock: ZOO MED REPTI BARK MEGAPACK! Incredibly much terrarium bedding at a radical economy price.

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  • Über 79 (!) Liter Bodengrund zum Super-Sparpreis
  • Speichert schimmelfrei Feuchtigkeit und bindet Ausscheidungen
  • In speziellem Herstellungsverfahren dreimal gewaschen
  • Einheitliche Körnung verhindert Verstecken von Futterinsekten

Zoo Med Repti Bark - Top terrarium bedding in an extra low priced Megapack

Probably we don't have to tell you much more about the Zoo Med Repti Bark terrarium bedding, because this substrate is probably the best known bedding product among terrariums. Nevertheless: Zoo Med Repti Bark terrarium litter consists of pure Douglas bark. This material stores moisture particularly well in the terrarium, without mildew or rotting. The Zoo Med Repti Bark Terrarium Bedding absorbs reptile excrements excellently and thus contributes to important terrarium hygiene. Last but not least, its special manufacturing process makes the bedding one of the most popular terrarium floors: the substrate is triple washed and therefore free of dust. In addition, the Zoo Med Repti Bark substrate is uniformly grained, which makes it almost impossible for food insects, for example, to hide in the substrate. This makes the Zoo Med Repti Bark terrarium bedding ideal for iguanas and other lizards, but also for snakes or tortoises this substrate is ideal.

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