Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp for reptiles

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Luminous intensity without any limit and much important UV radiation: ZOO MED POWERSUN UV-LAMP! A UV surface emitter of the highest performance class. With integrated ballast.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Auch für große Terrarien perfekt geeignet
  • Effizienter Flutlichtstrahler mit hohem UV-Output und viel Wärmestrahlung
  • UV-Flächenstrahler mit integriertem Vorschaltgerät
  • Sonnenähnliches Spektrum für gesunde und artgerechte Reptilienhaltung
  • Standard E27 Gewinde passend für gängige Keramikfassungen

Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp for reptiles

It is no coincidence that the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp is one of the most frequently used UV surface emitters in the terrarium sector. Because: The quality of this UV surface emitter is incredibly high. This concerns on the one hand the processing standard of the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp and on the other hand the almost unbelievable light output in the terrarium. An extremely effective heat emission in the infrared range has been combined with the highest UV-A and UV-B values in this UV surface emitter, whereby the spectrum of normal, visible daylight is not neglected either - quite the opposite. Let's put it this way: If the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp were a Formula 1 racing car, it would be a clear candidate for pole position in every qualifying session! The Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp works like a floodlight in principle, so it has a wide light and heat cone, but is still effective over long distances. This makes this UV floodlight a powerful daylight lamp for continuous operation - in contrast to an Osram Vitalux lamp, for example, which may only be switched on temporarily. The Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp is not praised by reptile breeders in the highest tones for nothing! The Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp is indeed a perfect choice for reptiles with an increased need for UV - bearded dragons, chameleons or turtles belong to the "target group" and benefit to a particularly high degree from the outstanding light properties of this floodlight.

Such extremely high light output naturally also requires very special measures in the terrarium, that is actually clear. In addition to the almost obligatory statement that you should only use the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp (like all high-power terrarium lamps) with a safe ceramic socket in order to protect your terrarium protégés and also your domestic environment from accidents in the form of melting through cheap sockets, there is one thing you must always bear in mind: The Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp may only be operated in a vertical position - so the lamp must always shine downwards! Otherwise it's quickly over, because due to the construction of the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp would otherwise lead to overheating and shutdown of the radiator. Furthermore, your terrarium should be high enough to ensure an irradiation distance of at least 35-40 cm at 100 watts or 50 cm at 160 watts between the terrarium lamp and reptiles.

By the way, no ballast is required to operate the powerful Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp, because this has already been integrated into the lamp - here the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp proves to be a clever economy fox. In addition, in most cases no additional heat lamp is necessary, because the heat production of this high performance radiator is quite sufficient to keep the terrarium at temperature. The Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp is perfect for creating sun and heat islands in the terrarium that reptiles can visit when needed to fill up with light and warmth. The bottom line is that the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp is an excellent choice if you are looking for a powerful UV lamp that provides healthy light power in the terrarium - in this discipline the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp is almost unbeatable.

You can obtain the Zoo Med Powersun UV lamp from us in a 100 or 160 watt version, which is also suitable for larger terrariums.

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