Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide UV Lamp, 70 Watt

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One of the most powerful UV lamps: ZOO WITH POWER SUN H.I.D. METAL HALIDE UV With extra daylight and good heat output.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Sonnenlichtähnliches Spektrum für optimale Farben
  • Flutlichtstrahler für die ideale Lichtverteilung
  • Top Verarbeitung für eine lange Lebensdauer
  • Kann mit gängigen Vorschaltgeräten betrieben werden

Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide UV Lamp - the powerful UV lamp with daylight and heat

The Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D Metal Halide UV lamp for reptiles is one of the best UV lamps for reptiles with increased UV demand. The PowerSun H.I.D. is a real high output lamp, which stands for an increased output of UV-A and vital UV-B radiation. In addition, this high-quality terrarium lamp provides high amounts of daylight and heat radiation - the feel-good package for terrarium animals with a high need for sunlight. This makes the Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide lamp equal to the well-known Bright Sun from Lucky Reptile and even beats them in performance when the distance to the irradiated animals increases. At a distance of 50 cm, the PowerSun H.I.D. still achieves a very impressive output of 100µW/cm2 (manufacturer's specification) and thus twice as much as comparable UV flood lamps. An excellent color rendering index of 95 CRI and an ideal color temperature of 6500 K provide an ideal light spectrum for reptiles that need real sunlight. These include bearded dragons, collar iguanas and many other day-active species from subtropical regions and especially from desert areas.

Attention: The ZooMed Powersun HID must be operated with a suitable ballast.

If you want to create real warm places in your terrarium, the Zoo Med PowerSun UV Terrarium Lamp is just the right choice and in many cases this UV floodlight is sufficient as the only light source in the terrarium. UV-A, vital UV-B, plenty of daylight and high heat radiation are perfectly combined in this terrarium lamp. Another important factor is the design of the Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide UV lamp. Here, Zoo Med has developed a special design that makes it possible to produce real floodlight and avoid any hotspots, i.e. areas where UV radiation is too concentrated. Unfortunately, many metal halide lamps still have this problem.

The Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide UV Lamp requires a ballast, whereby you can easily use a 70 Watt ballast from the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun series or a similar device. If you already have a 70 Watt Bright Sun installed in your terrarium, you can easily replace the bulb and test the quality of the new Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide UV lamp. It couldn't be easier. Zoo Med offers a special socket for this powerful terrarium lamp, which is ideal for operating the Zoo Med PowerSun. Alternatively, you can also get a special ballast from Zoo Med, namely the Zoo Med PowerSun Lamp UV Fixture including a special reflector.

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