Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Combo Pack, 70 Watt

  • Manufacturer: Zoo Med
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The perfect combination of UV area lamp and ballast: ZOO MED POWER SUN H.I.D. COMBO PACK Highest UV performance with maximum safety.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Perfekte Kombination aus UV Flächenstrahler und Vorschaltgerät
  • Leicht und schnell im Terrarium installiert
  • Top Verarbeitung für maximale Sicherheit im Terrarium
  • High Output Lampe für hohe UV Werte und viel Tageslicht

Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Combo Pack - the powerful combination of top floodlight and matching ballast

With the Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Combo, Zoo Med presents the complete feel-good package for terrarium keepers who want to supply their reptiles with lots of UV-A and vital UV-B radiation while at the same time attaching importance to safety and a long service life. This set includes the Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide UV Lamp with 70 Watt, one of the best metal halide lamps you can buy for your terrarium and the matching UV Lamp Fixture, a great combination of high quality ballast and powerful UV flood lamp. Here everything is ideally coordinated and installed in the terrarium at lightning speed. The Zoo Med Lamp Fixture is much more than just a powerful ballast, because it is built directly into a special reflector. This significantly increases the light output of the Zoo Med PowerSun H.I.D. Metal Halide UV Lamp once again and the double-walled construction reduces the outside temperature significantly. A high-quality and very safe ceramic frame is of course also included.

Further information about the UV floodlight and the ballast can be found here:


Altogether a very strong and durable construction, with which you make sure that reptiles with increased UV need are optimally supplied. In addition, all components are manufactured to the highest quality, which ensures a particularly long service life in the terrarium.

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