Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder

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A real highlight for the terrarium: ZOO MED MEALWORM FEEDER! Offer your reptiles an exciting change when feeding.

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  • Kinderleicht im Terrarium installiert
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  • Erwecken Sie den Jagdinstinkt Ihrer Reptilien
  • Einfache, absolut geniale Idee

Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder - the exciting alternative to the worm shell

Have you ever actually tried to hypnotize your reptiles? If so, the attempt was probably unsuccessful. What you haven't done, however, the Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder can do in no time at all. The idea of the Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder is as simple as it is ingenious! Simply attach the Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder to the terrarium pane using the suction cup - preferably directly above the normal food bowl in the terrarium. Now fill live mealworms into the Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder. Through the holes in the ground, the mealworms will very soon try to escape into the supposed freedom. This will not escape your attentive terrarium inhabitants of course and they will constantly watch the Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder to "strike" at the right moment. This will get your insectivorous reptiles on the right track and your hunting instinct will be awakened. A perfect change from a sometimes monotonous everyday life in a terrarium. And you may believe one thing: The whole thing will not only give your reptiles a lot of fun - you will also enjoy this exciting spectacle. The Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder will certainly not do any work for you. After use, simply rinse briefly under warm water and your new "reptile hypnotist" is clean again and ready for the next use. No matter whether you keep bearded dragons, geckos or other reptiles for which mealworms are a very special treat - the feeding fun always works. And quite apart from that, the Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder offers you a convenient way to prevent overfeeding of your reptiles.

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