Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

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Recommended by leading snake breeders: ZOO MED ASPEN SNAKE BEDDING! The premier class in substrate for terrariums.

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  • Unbedenklich für Ihre Reptilien
  • Die einzige Holzeinstreu, die komplett wieder ausgeschieden wird
  • Bindet Ausscheidungen und unangenehme Gerüche
  • Nimmt bis zu 191 % des Eigengewichts an Flüssigkeit auf

Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding - fine substrate

Especially for snakes we want to recommend the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding. This terrarium base is the perfect substrate for snakes; but of course also suitable for other reptiles, such as turtles or monitors. The Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding has many advantages, especially due to its fine structure. The reptiles especially like to use the ground to build caves and nests and make themselves comfortable all around. You can do this without hesitation, because the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is absolutely dust-free and therefore safe for snakes and reptiles. Even if a little of the ground is eaten, this is completely harmless: Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is the only wooden bedding that is completely digested and excreted - scientifically proven! Furthermore, the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is from sustainable cultivation and therefore a natural, completely green produced product. You also don't have to be afraid of toxic resins and oils, as they sometimes occur in soil such as bark mulch or bark - absolutely harmless in all respects.

The Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding Bedding is incredibly practical for the terrarium keeper. Due to the bright appearance you can even see liquid excrements and can therefore take better care of the terrarium hygiene than with a dark background. You will be surprised how often you should have cleaned! The excrements of reptiles are bound by the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding as are unpleasant odors. Since the terrarium litter can absorb up to 191% of its own weight in liquid, it is not only practical in the terrarium, but also still productive and thus saves the purse. Depending on the size of the terrarium and your needs, you can choose between four different sizes.

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