XL Area Breeder - Incubator for Reptiles

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The classic in XL format for successful reptile breeding: SURFACE INCUBATOR XL - INCUBATOR FOR REPTILE EGGS! High slip rate thanks to precise control.

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  • Dank speziell für Reptilieneier angepasstem Regelbereich von 25° C bis 35° C
  • Elektronischer Thermostat, in verbesserter Ausführung für noch mehr Präzision
  • Geringer Stromverbrauch mit nur ca. 16 Watt pro Stunde
  • 540 x 410 x 206 mm - ideal für Pythons, Landschildkröten und andere große Reptilien

XL incubator with thermostat and incubator thermometer

The XL is the big brother of the normal incubator for reptile eggs. With its spacious dimensions of 540 x 410 x 206 mm, this incubator is particularly interesting for breeders of reptiles who want to hatch several clutches at the same time. And of course for all terrarium animals whose reptiles lay larger eggs. These include for example tortoises, pythons and also lizard species that are growing large.

The heart of the XL surface incubator is the electronic thermostat, which regulates the temperature inside the incubator with absolute precision thanks to an improved design. With the integrated 46-watt heating cable with secure silicone sheathing, there is enough power available even on cold days to hatch your reptile eggs successfully. So that the breeding of your own reptiles does not become a cost trap, the XL is made of a special thermal foam plastic. This is not only flame retardant, it also insulates the incubator perfectly. During operation, the incubator therefore consumes only approx. 16 watts per hour.

Our testers also liked the extensive accessories for this incubator. This includes a special incubation thermometer as well as a wire rack under which there are six water gutters of different sizes. These control the humidity inside the incubator. Thanks to the wire grid, this incubator is also suitable for the substrateless incubation of reptile eggs. However, we recommend classical incubation with vermiculite in cricket boxes or other vessels. These are filled with moist vermiculite into which the reptile eggs are embedded.

Three large viewing windows in the lid allow daily inspection of the clutches without having to open the incubator. Very praiseworthy is also the extensive instruction manual with many tips and tricks for incubating reptile eggs. For example, one learns how to calibrate the thermometer or receives concrete temperature recommendations for many reptile species. Our conclusion: The XL Incubator really meets all requirements for successful breeding of reptiles in a perfect way. It is suitable for the professional breeder as well as the beginner or hobby breeder who wants to breed his reptiles for the first time.

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