White isopods breeding set (Trichorhina tomentosa)

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Cleaning crew and live food: WHITE ASS! High breeding yield. Ideal in humid terrarium environments.

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  • Wird von Dendrobaten gerne gefressen
  • Ideales Mittel gegen Schimmelbildung im Terrarium
  • Ergiebiger Zuchtansatz zur Selbstdosierung
  • Weiße Asseln aus kontrollierter Zucht

White Asseln breeding approach - live food for smaller insectivores

It is already clear: Many people who hear the word Asseln shake themselves almost involuntarily, but Asseln are basically very useful creatures. And no, isopods aren't insects. They're crustaceans. That's unusual, but evolution goes strange ways. Assels are actually water-dwellers, only the small group of the landasseln took a special way. Then why do I usually meet isopods in the basement? It's simple. Also Landasseln are gill-breathers and these Asseln can survive only if its so-called gill-angles are kept moist. That is why the white isopods are also ideally suited for use in wet terrariums. And why white isopods and no native species? Also simple: The white isopods originate from tropical regions and are not able to survive outside the terrarium - cold and too low humidity would lead quickly to the death of the white isopods, which may be stupid for the isopods themselves, for people, who would not like to reproduce isopods in the dwelling involuntarily, however, this circumstance is ideal. Moreover, the white isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) are much smaller than their local relatives and their much softer skin makes them much easier for small insectivorous terrarium animals to eat and digest.

Why are the White Assels now useful? This has to do with the eating habits of the white isopods. The white isopod's menu is full of mould, and the isopods actually eliminate it very thoroughly. Especially humid terrarium environments offer the white isopods ideal living conditions, in dry terrariums however, white isopods die very fast. White isopods have proved very successful as a substrate admixture in the keeping of mantids and dendrobates (arrow poison frogs). The white isopods are eaten very gladly by the terrarium animals and their descendants and represent at the same time an ingenious, natural cleaning column in the terrarium, which improves the soil biologically noticeably.

You will receive a tin of white isopods (breeding batch) with 0.5 litres content. Please note that depending on the stage of development of the breeding approach, the doses must be kept at a minimum of 25°C - 30°C for some time until the isopods hatch. Please always keep slightly moist!

IMPORTANT HINT: White isopods are extremely sensitive to cold! We have these food insects therefore only in the warm half of the year for you available.


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