Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat

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The reliable combination device: TRIXIE REPTILAND THERMO-/HYGROSTAT! Control temperature and humidity in the terrarium at the same time.

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  • Thermostat, Hygrostat und Zeitschaltur in einem Gerät mit drei getrennten Schaltkreisen
  • 1 x Thermostat, 1 x Hygrostat und 1 x Zeitschaltuhr (sekundengenau!)
  • Tag- und Nachtsteuerung, Alarmfunktion und bis zu 3 x 400 Watt Schaltleistung
  • Optimiert für Beregnungsanlagen und Luftbefeuchter
  • Külbetrieb möglich, Akku verhindert Datenverlust bei Stromausfall
  • Ideal für Wärmestrahler, Heizmatten und anderen Wärmequellen

Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat - reliable combination device

When it comes to controlling temperature and humidity in the terrarium, nothing should be left to chance, because these factors determine whether your reptiles will find optimal conditions and develop healthily. The Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat is a reliable combination device that automatically provides an ideal terrarium climate. The Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat is equipped with everything you need and much more. With two independent circuits, a separate control for day and night operation of both temperature and air escape control is easily possible.

You use the hygrostat function for humidifiers and other sources of moisture. The control range of the air humidity is from 20 to 90 % You can freely set a switching delay of 1 to 20

When it comes to temperature setting, you can choose from a range between 0 and 50° C, which makes heating and cooling possible with the Trixie Reptiland thermo/hygrostat. The Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat has a switching delay of between 1 and 15°. You also have a free choice of humidity in a range between 20 and 90%.

On top of that, there is an integrated second timer for controlling lamps or other devices, for example. If you want to control an irrigation system with your Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat - no problem! The built-in timer allows you to switch intervals as desired, with a minimum of 1 second, which makes small sprays possible. The large, easy-to-read display constantly shows you the current temperature, humidity, time and the currently selected function.

Also top: The length of the sensor cable with 180 cm - this also allows operation in large terrariums and you have complete freedom during installation. An optical alarm function warns you reliably if the measured values for temperature or humidity in the terrarium deviate from the set values. The Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat has a maximum switching capacity of 3 x 400 Watt - so you can easily attach strong heating elements or moisture generators. Sensational for a device in this low price range. And no fear of blackouts: The Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat has a built-in rechargeable battery that reliably prevents any loss of programming data. With the Trixie Reptiland Thermo-/Hygrostat you can look forward to a top quality piece of terrarium technology that will relieve you of a lot of work in the future and ensure a perfect climate in your terrarium. This makes terraristics even more fun.

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
max. switching capacity 3 × 400 W
Power consumption: ≤ 3,5 W
Temperature measuring range: -20 to 50 °C
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1 °C
Temperature control range: 0 to 50 °C
Selectable switching delay: 1 to 15 °C
Control range Humidity 20 to 90
Selectable switching delay: 1 to 20 %.
Humidity Accuracy: +/- 5%.
Real time clock with continuous display
Choice between heating and cooling function
min. Switching time of the timer 1 sec.

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