Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum Moss

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Tropical terrarium substrate in finest quality: TRIXIE REPTILAND SPHAGNUM MOSS! Ideal for the terrarium climate, good breeding ground for many terrarium plants.

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  • Aus 100 Gramm Sphagnum-Moos werden 4,5 Liter bestes Terrarienmoos
  • Reines Naturprodukt ohne Zusätze - aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
  • Einfach wässern - sofort gebrauchsfertig
  • Ideal für „Wet-Boxen“ im Terrarium, auch für Amphibien geeignet

Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum Moss - the particularly productive moss for terrariums

Sphagnum moss always reads kind of funny, doesn't it? But it's not. Sphagnum is a collective term for the so-called peat moss (also called bleaching moss). Due to their ability to store moisture for a long time and release it slowly, Sphagnum mosses are often used as a regulator of humidity in the terrarium. But Sphagnum mosses have another property that makes them very helpful in the terrarium: Sphagnum mosses have an antibacterial effect. By using the Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum moss, you are also doing something for a healthier terrarium environment and combating harmful bacteria. But that's not all: Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum Moss is simply ideal as a breeding ground for many terrarium plants (e.g. orchids) and ensures rapid growth. The Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum moss has also proven itself as a filling for wet boxes in the terrarium, which are a perfect moulting aid for many reptiles. In addition, any type of cave hiding place can be lined with the Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum moss, which often encourages many reptiles to lay eggs more quickly. Not to be recommended for reptile husbandry - also many species of amphibians feel absolutely "poodle-well" on this natural ground.

And the application? It's simple! You will receive 100 grams of Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum moss, which you simply pour over with approx. 1.5 litres of water in a suitable container (bowl, bucket). The swelling process starts immediately - stir a little and a short time later you will have an abundant 4.5 litres of fresh terrarium moss. Of course: there is no chemistry in it and all Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum mosses are made exclusively from renewable raw materials - as it should be.

100 grams Trixie Reptiland Sphagnum moss - to swell yourself. Results in 4.5 litres of terrarium moss.

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