Trixie Reptiland sepia bowls in a double pack

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Natural and valuable: TRIXIE REPTILAND SEPIASCHALEN! The ideal source of healthy calcium.

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  • Natürliche Sepiaschale ohne Zusätze
  • Wichtiger Kalziumlieferant, ideal für Schildkröten
  • Beugt Mangelerkrankungen bei Reptilien vor
  • Attraktiver Niedrigpreis im Doppelpack

Trixie Reptiland sepia trays in double pack - for optimal calcium supply

Made from the so-called back shoulder of squid, the Trixie Reptiland Sepia Bowl is a product that could not be natural. This "octopus bone" is the perfect supplier of calcium and other important minerals that reptiles urgently need for a healthy and species-appropriate diet and that are absorbed particularly quickly. Especially for turtles the Trixie Reptiland sepia bowl is an ideal solution, because by nibbling the sepia bowl the beak of turtles is perfectly polished and stays in shape. Also turtles can be supplied with the Trixie Reptiland cuttlefish bowls in the best way, because cuttlefish bowls are floatable and can easily be placed piece by piece on the water surface in the turtle terrarium. You'll see: Your little paddlers know what is good and healthy and they will nibble plenty of cuttlefish in the future. A clean and healthy solution in terms of calcium and mineral supply, which also does practically no work.

Trixie Reptiland Sepia Bowls can also be used as a healthy food supplement for other reptiles. Use a normal household grater or a sharp kitchen knife and plane small pieces from the cuttlebone. Then simply mix these "shavings" into the food of your reptiles. Very suitable for Agamen, Tejus, monitor lizards and many other reptiles, whose healthy development you can promote by the administration of Trixie Reptiland Sepiaschalen targeted. Dangerous deficiency diseases are thus prevented particularly effectively. And all this at a real economy price, because you can get the Trixie Reptiland cuttlefish bowls from us in a favourable double pack.

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