Trixie Reptiland porcelain socket Pro Socket, hanging

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For more safety in terrarium lighting: TRIXIE REPTILAND PORCELAIN SOCKET PER SOCKET HANGING! Complete with cable and switch.

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  • Hochwertige Porzellanfassung mit 180 cm Kabel und Schalter bis 160 Watt
  • Die perfekte Porzellanfassung für einfache, hängende Montage
  • Besonders hitzebeständige Fassung - inklusive Zugentlastung
  • Für alle gängigen Terrarienlampen und Wärmestrahler mit E27 Gewinde bis 160 Watt

Trixie Reptiland Porcelain Lampholder Pro Socket, hanging - for all types of terrarium lamps

Many roads lead to Rome and there is not THE installation solution for terrarium lighting either. If you prefer hanging lampholders for terrarium lamps, this is not seldom done for space reasons in the terrarium and for this case the Trixie Reptiland porcelain lampholder Pro Socket, hanging is a really good choice. Everything is just right here: a high-quality porcelain socket that can easily cope with thick humming - even heat lamps and powerful UV flat lamps with an output of up to 160 watts are no problem for the Trixie Reptiland Pro Socket porcelain socket. Conventional lampholders would quickly bow their knees at the temperatures that arise here and there would be a danger of dangerous melting through. In addition, there is a strain relief which ensures that the lamp cable does not pull too much weight. All in all a great security package for the terrarium lighting. The assembly is also possible for technical laymen with little effort - the supplied assembly instructions explain everything step by step. What else is there? A practical on/off switch, of course, that puts an end to the "unhealthy" pulling of the plug to switch off the terrarium lighting. The power cable of the Trixie Reptiland Pro Socket porcelain socket is 180 cm long. Even with larger terrariums you won't skid! Since the Trixie Reptiland Porcelain Lampholder Pro Socket is equipped with a normal E27 thread, you can operate almost any terrarium lamp with this excellent porcelain Lampholder. UV lamps, halogen lamps, UV compact lamps, spotlights or reflector lamps - everything is possible here.

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