Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic

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The ideal basic vitamin supply for all reptiles: TRIXIE REPTILAND MULTIVITAMIN TONIC! Simply add to the drinking water.

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  • Wirkt gegen Infektionen und unterstützt die Heilung
  • Aus rein biologischen Emulgatoren hergestellt
  • Kann direkt über das Trinkwasser gegeben werden
  • Vitamine können sofort aufgenommen werden

Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic - for the Vitamin Supply of Reptiles

Despite the best nutrition, many reptiles kept in terrariums often lack an adequate basic supply of important vitamins, which is essential for the healthy development of terrarium animals. With Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic you give your reptiles exactly these vitamins - no matter if you want to feed carnivorous or herbivorous reptiles. Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin-Tonikum consists of purely biological emulsifiers, which allow an immediate and almost loss-free absorption of vitamins. Resorption takes place via the mucous membranes of reptiles, allowing the vitamins to develop their full effect in infections, in combating the consequences of disease and in supporting recovery.

Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic is easy to administer via the drinking water - it couldn't be more convenient. Alternatively, you can give your reptiles Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic over the normal food. Add Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic as follows: 10 - 15 drops Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic per 100 grams of feed or per 100 ml drinking water. For amphibians please add 3 - 5 drops per 10 litres of water. If you would like to provide sufficient care for a sick animal, please give double the amount. Important: Always shake Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic carefully before use.

maltitol, aqua, sorbitol, vitamin premix, aroma

Crude fibre 0.2%
Raw ash 0.0 - 1.0 %
Crude protein 0%
Crude fat 0%
Water 51

Additives / kg:
Vitamin A 1,500,000 IU
Vitamin D3 20,000 IU
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate) 500 mg
Vitamin K3 100 mg
Vitamin B1 600 mg
Vitamin B2 860 mg
Vitamin B6 430 mg
Vitamin B12 1,000 mg
Vitamin C 10,000 mg
Nicotinic acid 2,500 mg
Panthothenic acid 1,000 mg
Folic acid 15 mg
Biotin 7,500 mg
Calcium 10,000 mg

You will receive a bottle of Trixie Reptiland Multivitamin Tonic for Reptiles containing 50 ml.

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