Trixie Reptiland Mixed Light Bulb ProSun D3

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The high-quality UV lamp for many reptile species: TRIXIE REPTILAND MIXED LIGHT LAMP PROSUN D3! Top finished and with sun-like light spectrum.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Hochwertige Terrarien-UV-Lampe aus Qualitätsfertigung
  • Sonnenlichtähnliches Spektrum mit UV-A, UV-B und Infrarot-Wärmestrahlung
  • Besonders lange Betriebsdauer
  • Die günstige Alternative bei den UV-Terrarienlampen
  • Vorschaltgerät bereits integriert
  • Standared E27 Gewinde für alle gängigen Porzellanfassungen

Trixie Reptiland ProSun D3 mixed light lamp - the high-quality terrarium lamp with UV-A and UV-B

The high-quality and powerful Trixie Reptiland ProSun D3 mixed light lamp is a UV-B mercury mixed light lamp for use in terrariums. This self-starting (no ballast required) UV-B high-pressure lamp is ideally suited for supplying reptiles with UV-A and UV-B radiation. The Trixie Reptiland Mixed Light Lamp ProSun D3 simulates the natural spectrum of the sun, which leads to the fact that with this great terrarium lamp you do not only bring UV-A and UV-B radiation into the terrarium, but also infrared heat radiation and a lot of visible light, which is exactly tuned to the eyes of reptiles. You can also use the powerful Trixie Reptiland ProSun D3 Mixed Light Lamp for all-day operation in the terrarium, provided you observe the recommended distances (see table). So you can use this UV lamp for all common types of reptiles: In addition to desert dwellers, the Trixie Reptiland ProSun D3 mixed light lamp is also suitable for reptiles from tropical forest areas and even for twilight and nocturnal species with a lower need for UV radiation.

The important UV-B radiation supports D3 synthesis in reptiles, which is indispensable for healthy bone and armour construction. UV-A radiation ensures the general vitality of reptiles. Reptiles become much more active, their appetite and reproductive instinct are stimulated. Outstanding with this UV terrarium lamp: The good workmanship ensures that the UV spectrum remains particularly stable for a long time, which ensures a long service life for the Trixie Reptiland ProSun D3 mixed light lamp. The 35° beam angle is particularly suitable for use with this UV lamp. You also have plenty of room for manoeuvre when installing this terrarium lamp, because the Trixie Reptiland ProSun D3 mixed light lamp can be mounted at an angle of up to 30° from the vertical. You can get this great UV lamp from us in 3 different versions, each with a normal E27 screw thread - for safety reasons please always use a ceramic socket and an appropriate protection basket in the terrarium.

power dimensions luminous flux Kelvin minimum distance Optimum distance for desert animals Optimum distance for rainforest and savannah Optimum distance for twilight and nocturnal reptiles
70 Watt 80 cm diameter x 108 mm 450 lm 3500 15 cm 15-25 cm 25-35 cm 35-50 cm
100 Watt 115 cm diameter x 285 mm 700 lm 3800 17 cm 17-29 cm 29-45 cm 45-85 cm
160 Watt 115 cm diameter x 285 mm 2000 lm 4500 35 cm 35-50 cm 50-75 cm n.a.


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