Trixie Reptiland mealworms

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Protein-rich, healthy feed for reptiles: TRIXIE REPTILAND MEALWORMS! Produced in a gentle process, many healthy nutrients.

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  • Viele gesunde Nährstoffe für Reptilien
  • Vorsichtig getrocknet, frisch verpackt
  • Praktische Reserve für die Fütterung zwischendurch
  • Wiederverschließbar in der Frischebox

Trixie Reptiland mealworms - protein-rich and healthy reptile food

The optimal care of insectivorous reptiles can become a problem under certain circumstances and it is always helpful to have an alternative when no live food is available. Moreover, not every holiday caregiver is enthusiastic when he has to administer live food insects. Trixie Reptiland mealworms can be a healthy and practical thing. In addition, these carefully prepared insects are a great snack for in between. Trixie Reptiland mealworms are particularly rich in valuable proteins and important nutrients. They are easily digestible and very digestible for reptiles and various small mammals. The Trixie Reptiland mealworms are also a great help when it comes to supplying vitamin powder and other important food supplements: Simply dust the Trixie Reptiland mealworms with the appropriate powder - your reptiles will gladly accept this healthy power food.

You will receive 70 g Trixie Reptiland mealworms in a practical, resealable box.

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