Trixie Reptiland Heating Mat

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Cheap and safe: TRIXIE REPTILAND HEIZMATTE! The top heating mat for the terrarium.

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  • Terrarien-Heizmatte mit integriertem Überhitzungsschutz
  • Ideal für alle Arten von Reptilien
  • Heizmatte in verschiedenen Größen und Leistungsstärken lieferbar
  • IPX4 (Schutz gegen allseitiges Spritzwasser) und IPX7 (Schutz gegen zeitweiliges Untertauchen)

Trixie Reptiland heating mat - top processed and safe heating mat for terrariums

Heating mats are definitely an indispensable part of modern terraristics and, if they are used correctly, will promote the health of reptiles significantly. The Trixie Reptiland heating mat shows that it can compete with much more expensive terrarium heating mats and is particularly convincing in terms of safety. Because: The Trixie Reptiland heating mat is equipped with an integrated overheating protection which ensures that the terrarium heating mat switches off automatically when a certain temperature is exceeded. The Trixie Reptiland heating mat reliably protects you from reptile injuries and damage to the terrarium. However, you must note that the Trixie Reptiland heating mat - like most terrarium heating mats by the way - is safely protected from splashing water, but is not waterproof. Officially this means: The Trixie Reptiland heating mat meets the requirements IPX4 (protection against splashing water on all sides) and IPX7 (protection against temporary immersion). In terrarium practice this simply means: In a humid terrarium environment (e.g. rain forest terrarium) the Trixie Reptiland heating mat is a safe heating element, for an aquarium or even aquarium the Trixie Reptiland heating mat is not suitable - but in principle this applies to almost every terrarium heating mat.

If you operate a heating mat under the terrarium, please always keep a safety distance of 10 mm to the floor glass. This way you are safe from heat accumulation and prevent damage. And in addition to all the technology and precautions, something positive can happen: A good terrarium heating mat like the Trixie Reptiland heating mat does reptiles a lot of good. The additional heat promotes the health and agility of reptiles, supports the digestive process and serves to support the healing process of diseased terrarium animals. And depending on the size and space of the terrariums, the Trixie Reptiland Heating Mat is a powerful all-rounder, because you can supply several terrariums with only one Trixie Reptiland Heating Mat. A completely successful and reliable terraristic product at a particularly favourable price.

The Trixie Reptiland heating mat is available in 4 different sizes and capacities - tailored to your terrarium - the length of the power cable is 1.4 meters for all models:

- Trixie Reptiland heating mat, 8 Watt - ca. 15 cm x 20 cm
- Trixie Reptiland heating mat, 16 Watt - approx. 20 cm x 30 cm
- Trixie Reptiland heating mat, 24 Watt - ca. 20 cm x 45 cm
- Trixie Reptiland heating mat, 32 Watt - ca. 28 cm x 45 cm

Please note: For the sake of good order and your safety, we must point out that the manufacturer prohibits the use of the heating mat in the terrarium, although the product has been registered for all necessary protection classes and all criteria are met. The experience of many of our customers shows that the use of the Trixie Reptiland heating mat in a humid terrarium is no problem at all. Nevertheless, we draw your attention to the manufacturer's restriction, which is due to technical liability reasons. The use of the heating mat in a damp terrarium environment is therefore at your own risk.

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