Trixie Reptiland fruit paste

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The delicious treat for in between: TRIXIE REPTILAND FRUIT PASTE! The ideal supplementary food for Phelsumen and all fruit-eating reptiles.

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  • Direkt aus der Tube verfüttern
  • Ideal für längere Aufbewahrung
  • Für frucht- und nektarfressende Reptilien ideal
  • Das hochwertige Futtermittel zum Sparpreis

Trixie Reptiland fruit paste - the tasty reptile snack from the tube

Also with the nutrition of reptiles one should provide always for alternation, because also healthy food may not be monotonous. With the Trixie Reptiland fruit paste we have exactly the right thing for fruit- and nectar-eating reptiles. Especially for Phelsumen this delicious fruit paste is a real delicacy, which you can feed very easily. Trixie Reptiland fruit paste is simply added undiluted to the food bowl of your terrarium animals or offered at the usual feeding places in the terrarium. Trixie Reptiland fruit paste is rich in healthy nutrients and has been specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of reptiles. The Trixie Reptiland fruit paste is a real recommendation as a varied supplementary food. Due to the long shelf life, you can store the Trixie Reptiland fruit paste for a long time and always have this reptile food quickly at hand.

One tube of Trixie Reptiland fruit paste contains 100 grams of feed paste for reptiles.

Composition: sorbitol, fruits (15%), honey (9%), glucose, fructose, modified starch, acacia resin, flower pollen

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