Trixie Reptiland food sticks for turtles

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The healthy top feed: TRIXIE REPTILAND FOOD STICKS FOR TURTLES! With many important vitamins and minerals.

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  • Mit besonders viel Vitamin A, D und E
  • Aus hochwertigen Zutaten, schonend hergestellt
  • Frei von Farb- oder Konservierungsstoffen
  • Frisch direkt aus der Dose füttern

Trixie Reptiland food sticks for turtles

If you want to ensure that your water turtles can develop healthily, you have to be aware that growing or adult turtles have a different food spectrum than young turtles. The Trixie Reptiland turtle food sticks take this circumstance into account and therefore this turtle food is optimally suited as staple food for water turtles. With Trixie Reptiland food sticks you can feed your turtles a balanced diet and give them many important vitamins (A, D and E) and minerals. It simply contains everything your protégés need - manufactured gently and without chemical additives. High-quality crustacean and fish protein is particularly beneficial to your turtles.

For optimal feeding of turtles we recommend the following procedure: Turtles that are still growing receive 2 - 3 times daily as much food as the animals can eat in about 10 minutes. Adult turtles are fed 4-5 times a week in the same way with Trixie Reptiland food sticks. Always offer your turtles a varied diet. You can buy Trixie Reptiland food sticks for turtles, for example, alternating with Trixie Reptiland natural food mix or Trixie Reptiland Gammarus.

Composition: cereals, vegetable by-products, fish and fish by-products, molluscs and crustaceans, yeasts, algae

Analytical components: protein 33,0 %, crude ash 5,0 %, fat content 4,0 %, crude fibre 4,0

Nutritional additives/kg: Vit. A 12.000 IU, Vit. D 3 1.200 IU, Vit. E 80 mg

Trixie Reptiland food sticks for turtles are available in two different pack sizes:
Trixie Reptiland food sticks for water turtles, 250 ml
Trixie Reptiland food sticks for water turtles, 1000 ml

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