Trixie Reptiland Digital Thermostat

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High-quality terrarium technology simply cheaper: TRIXIE REPTILAND DIGITAL THERMOSTAT! Control the temperature in the terrarium reliably.

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  • Mit Tag-Nacht Steuerung, integrierte Zeitschaltuhr, Alarm und Kühlbetrieb
  • Akku gegen Datenverlust bei Stromausfall, 180 cm Sensorkabel, 0 °C bis 50 °C
  • Für alle Wärmestrahler, Heizmatten, Heizkabel und anderen Wärmequellen
  • Zwei getrennte Schaltkreise für 2 x 600 Watt
  • Steuerungsbereich: 0 °C bis 50 °C

Trixie Reptiland Digital Thermostat - Temperature Control for the Terrarium

A reliable thermostat is the be-all and end-all when it comes to the right temperature in the terrarium. What used to be an expensive luxury for reptile husbandry is now, thanks to the latest digital technology, a really affordable pleasure, as the digital Trixie Reptiland thermostat impressively proves. This thermostat really offers everything you need for temperature control and the equipment knows how to impress. The first circuit allows you to set different temperatures for day and night operation, a night setback that is absolutely vital for many types of reptiles. With the digital Trixie Reptiland thermostat you can control any type of heating element - whether heating mat, radiant heater or heating cable. You can define up to 8 switch-on and switch-off times for such heating elements and thus have maximum flexibility. The display of the generous digital display is very easy to read and in addition, the current temperature, time and the currently active function are constantly displayed. The adjustable temperature can be in a range between 0 and 50° C and thus cooling operation is also possible. You can also set a switching delay that may be between 1 and 15° C. The switching delay can be set to any value between 1 and 15° C. The second circuit serves as a very accurate timer.

As far as safety is concerned, the Trixie Reptiland thermostat is well-equipped - an optical alarm function immediately signals when the set temperature deviates from the actual measured value. An extra-long sensor cable of 180 cm ensures problem-free installation even in large terrariums. With a switching capacity of 2 x 600 watts, this thermostat is really strong and ensures maximum safety when operating heating elements. The digital Trixie Reptiland thermostat has a built-in battery that prevents data loss in the event of a power failure. And the Trixie Reptiland Thermostat not only cuts a fine figure when it comes to temperature control in the terrarium - you can also use the thermostat for aquariums. An all-round successful piece of terrarium technology, solidly manufactured, easy to use and all this at an incredibly low price.

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