Trixie Reptiland beech wood (beech chips) for terrariums

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Pure natural product in best quality: TRIXIE REPTILAND BEECH WOOD! Base for terrariums, very absorbent.

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  • Frei von Staub und sehr hygienisch
  • Speichert besonders viel Flüssigkeit
  • Ohne jeglichen Zusatz von Chemie
  • Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen hergestellt

Trixie Reptiland beech woodchip (beech shavings) - high-quality substrate for terrariums

Trixie Reptiland beech chips are always a good choice as a substrate for many snakes, tropical reptiles and tortoises. Anyone who uses beech chips as a substrate will be using a pure natural product made from renewable raw materials. The high-quality substrate is not chemically post-treated and is therefore ideally suited for use in terrariums. In addition, Trixie Reptiland Buchenhack (beech chips) is dust-free and therefore particularly hygienic. The terrarium substrate is popular not least because it can absorb a lot of liquid and effectively prevents unpleasant odours in the terrarium. Trixie Reptiland Buchenhack (beech shavings) provides you with a clean and very economical bedding for terrariums that is particularly durable. We offer Trixie Reptiland beech shavings in two different grain sizes, whereby you use the finer variant of the beech shavings ideally for the breeding of young reptiles (particularly soft) or you use Trixie Reptiland beech shavings as substrate if you keep small reptiles.

Trixie Reptiland Buchenhack (beech shavings) is available in two different package sizes and in normal or extra fine grain sizes:

- Trixie Reptiland beech wood chips, normal grain, 10 litres
- Trixie Reptiland beech wood chips (beech chips), extra fine grain size, 10 litres
- Trixie Reptiland beech wood chips, normal grain, 20 litres
- Trixie Reptiland beech wood chips (beech chips), extra fine grain size, 20 litres

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