Trixie Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer, remote sensing

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This is how a combination device for terrariums must be: DIGITAL THERMOMETER/HYGROMETER! Top equipped, reliable and very accurate.

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  • Temperatur und Luftfeuchte gleichzeitig messen
  • Speichert Minimum und Maximum-Werte
  • Mit extralangen Kabeln für die Messfühler
  • Messbereich von 0 °C bis 70 °C und 20 % bis 99 % Luftfeuchte

Digital thermometer/hygrometer for terrariums - with remote sensors

The digital thermometer/hygrometer from Trixie Reptiland clearly shows that reliable and practical measuring technology does not have to be expensive in terraristics. With the combination of thermometer and hygrometer you can measure temperature and humidity in the terrarium at the same time. Here a push of a button is enough to retrieve the current climate data in the terrarium. In addition, the digital thermometer/hygrometer continuously stores the minimum and maximum values, so that you are always up to date about any deviations in the terrarium. The digital thermometer/hygrometer can also be switched between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit for the temperature display. As far as mounting is concerned, everything is very simple here: The feelers are attached directly to the terrarium pane using strong suction cups (of course included).

The cables of the remote sensors are so long with 90 cm that you will also have maximum flexibility during installation in larger terrariums. Very practical and helpful: In addition to measurements on the two sensors for temperature and humidity, the temperature is also measured directly on the housing. A single measuring device for the terrarium provides you with three measured values. The measuring ranges are between 0 and 70°C for temperature measurement and 20% to 99% for humidity. A lot of power for little money. And of course: The batteries are included with the digital thermometer/hygrometer for terrariums. So you can start right away.

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