Tortum Terra Easy LED

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The ideal daylight lighting for turtle terrariums: TORTUM TERRA EASY LED! Perfect light, very easy to install and particularly energy-saving.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Ideal für offene Aquarien, Terrarien oder das Tortum Terra Schildkrötenbecken
  • Genial einfache und sichere Befestigung
  • Absolut unempfindlich gegen Spritzwasser
  • Moderne LED Technik für maximale Stromersparnis
  • Optimale Helligkeit und breiter Abstrahlwinkel

Tortum Terra Easy LED - Lighting for turtle pools and terrariums

Especially with open turtle basins or special turtle terrariums, which are usually operated without lids, this is not so easy with the right terrarium lighting. Or better said, it wasn't easy before. With Tortum Terra Easy LED it looks quite different. The clever mechanism allows you to simply pull this great LED light strip out to the desired length and hook it securely directly to the sides of the terrarium. You can also mount Tortum Terra Easy LED Terrarium Lighting on the ceiling of a normal terrarium or place the whole LED bar on top of the terrarium; the clamps are perfect feet. You can also easily mount Tortum Terra Easy LED on existing holders for T5 or T8 fluorescent tubes. The arms of this great LED lighting can be extended up to 112 cm - the length of the light bar itself is 81 cm.

You can also use the Tortum Terra Easy LED ideally for the Tortum Terra 100 turtle terrarium, which is very popular with tortoise owners. Here the assembly is also simple and everything fits right away. In addition, the Tortum Terra Easy LED offers the perfect beam angle of 120°, which results in a very uniform illumination of the terrarium. Tortum Easy LED is waterproof to IPX8 standard, allowing use in a turtle tank and other wet terrarium environments. Safety is further enhanced by the fact that it is a 12 volt system. A supply line with a length of 1 meter and a toggle switch are included in the equipment. With this high-quality LED lighting you save up to 50 % electricity compared to conventional light sources of this performance class. The high-quality LED technology also ensures a significantly extended service life.

Tortum Terra Easy LED is available in the following lengths:
- Tortum Terra Easy LED 22 Watt - 810 mm (length light strip)

Please note: Water turtles and tortoises need sufficient UV light for vitamin D3 synthesis. Otherwise it comes to bone softening and tank deformation up to death! Unfortunately, LEDs do not produce sufficient UV values, but above all bright daylight, which is just as important for life. Therefore, please ensure sufficient UV illumination with, for example, an additional correct UV area lamp.

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