Tortum Terra Easy LED Light (6 Watt)

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The clever, small LED light for open terrariums: TORTUM TERRA EASY LED LIGHT! Beautiful daylight with economical 6 watts.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • For open terrariums and aquariums
  • Simple and secure fastening
  • Robust and protected against splashing water
  • High luminous efficacy with low power consumption

Tortum Terra Easy LED Light (6 Watt) - Lighting for turtle basins and open terrariums

Whoever have got an open turtle tank or another terrarium without a lid knows the problem: It is not easy to install the lighting simply and safely in such a terrarium. With the Tortum Terra Easy LED Light you have one less worry. You can mount this LED terrarium light directly to the terrarium glass. This works with all glass panes that do not exceed a thickness of 6 mm. Simply place your Tortum Terra Easy LED Light directly on the glass using the practical clip - and the installation is done. Terrarium lighting couldn't be easier.

Tortum Terra Easy LED Light fits perfectly to a Tortum Terra Turtle Terrarium - these great terrariums are very popular with tortoise owners. Simply plug in, connect and the terrarium will shine in perfect light. The Tortum Terra Easy LED Light can be folded down by 90°, which is particularly practical if you want to work in the terrarium without having to remove the light every time. The power supply has a length of 1 meter and the cable is equipped with a switch. The Tortum Terra Easy LED Light complies with the IPX8 standard, is therefore waterproof and can also be used in damp and wet terrarium environments. In addition, it is a low-voltage system with 12 volts, which significantly increases safety even further. The lamp has a length of 23.7 cm.

There's one thing you shouldn't forget: Tortum Terra Easy LED Light is a real saving miracle. Compared to conventional illuminants of this light intensity you save with this LED terrarium light incredibly much electricity. The Tortum Terra Easy LED Light requires up to three times less energy here. The LED light is protected against splashing water and the life span is clearly longer than with normal terrarium lamps. With the Tortum Terra Easy LED Light you provide wonderful light and also save a lot of money.

Please note: For tortoises as well as for water turtles a sufficient UV illumination for vitamin D3 production is absolutely necessary. Otherwise rachitis and the resulting clinical pictures in the animals will occur! We recommend UV surface emitters, which besides the vital UVA and UVB also provide heat and are therefore the ideal supplement for turtles as a sunbathing spot.

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