Terrarium lock for sliding panes of glass terrariums

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Make your terrarium escape-proof in the twinkling of an eye: TERRARIUM CASTLE! Ideal for all glass terrariums with sliding panes

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  • 100 % Schutz vor Ausbruch und unerlaubtem Zugriff
  • Für bis zu 6 mm dicke Terrarienscheiben
  • Besonders günstige Staffelpreise
  • Terrarienschloss hält Einwirkungen von außen konsequent stand

Terrarium lock for sliding glass panes of glass terrariums (simultaneous locking)

You don't need a terrarium lock? Are you sure about that? Do you have squeaky fancy children, cheeky room tigers or even curious friends? Most of them will hardly do anything bad if they want to have a look into the terrarium and open it for it. But be careful! In the best case the animal only feels disturbed, it is more unpleasant for all involved if it escapes. We don't even want to talk about the danger of poisonous terrarium inhabitants in relation to the unneeded. So the terrarium must be secured with a terrarium lock in any case and this is easier than you think! Simply attached, suitable for terrariums up to 6 mm glass thickness, this rack-and-pinion lock can only be opened with the appropriate key, i.e. only by you or persons you trust.

The rest of this terrarium lock has the same key. These are several terrarium locks that all have the same key. This saves you the hassle of searching and carrying a heavy bunch of keys with you. You have the right key for every terrarium ready in the twinkling of an eye. The perfect terrarium lock for you!

As you can see, with our terrarium locks the security inside and outside the terrarium is guaranteed. The worst thing that can happen is fingerprints or nose marks on the glass!

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