Dragon coconut half shell with outer skin

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Sustainable natural decoration without chemical aftercare: DRAGON COCONUT HALF SHELL NATURE WITH OUTER SKIN! Greenens by itself in wet terrarium environments.

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  • Natural coconut without chemical after-treatment
  • Greenens itself in humid environment
  • Provides authentic tropical optics in the terrarium
  • Ideal for climbing or as a burrow for digging reptiles

Dragon coconut half shell nature with outer skin - fantastic natural decoration for the terrarium

With the Dragon Coconut Half Shell Nature with outer skin you set a fascinating decorative accent in your terrarium. The coconut shell gets its extraordinary appearance by the fact that the skin has not been removed. In humid terrarium environments this bowl can thus green itself. The coconut shell is only conditionally suitable as a cave because it has no direct entrance. However, small, digging reptiles can usually use it as a protected earth cave without any problems.

But even without a cave function, the Dragon coconut half shell is an exceptional piece of terrarium decoration that requires no maintenance and lasts for a long time. No chemical additives are used during production - the coconut shell is completely natural.

As these are naturally grown products, the dimensions may vary and are approx. specifications:

Outer diameter: approx. 17 - 20 cm
Inside diameter: approx. 12 - 15 cm
Height: approx. 10 - 15 cm
Weight: approx. 250 grams

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