HerbaVital Balsam

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Effective and well tolerated by reptiles and small animals: HERBAVITAL BALSAM! Made from high-quality ingredients, easy to use.

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  • Well-tolerated for reptiles and small animals
  • Ideal combination of proven ingredients
  • Helps heal injuries and skin abrasions
  • Well suited for the skin care of terrarium animals

HerbaVital Balsam - for skin care and the treatment of injuries

Reptile owners have probably seen this more often: Even in a perfectly equipped terrarium there can be minor injuries to terrarium animals and then the question arises, what can help the affected protégé? Sure, if it concerns larger injuries, the visit to the veterinarian is absolutely necessary, but especially with small skin abrasions or minor bite wounds the HerbaVital Balsam is a very good alternative, which is excellently suitable for the care of reptile skin. HerbaVital Balsam replaces the HerbaVital Liniment which is no longer produced and convinces with high-quality ingredients which optimally support the healing process. HerbaVital Balsam can easily be used for the skin care of reptiles, is very economical and is simply applied thinly to the affected skin areas. HerbaVital Balsam is also suitable for other small animals such as birds or hamsters.

Ingredients: vaseline, zinc oxide, oils of marigold, arnica, lavender and macis

You will receive 50 ml HerbaVital Balsam for external use.

Herbavital Balsam
Volume 50ml
Ingredients vaseline, zinc oxide, oils of marigold, arnica, lavender and macis


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