Trixie Reptiland snake hook 60 cm

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Safe and gentle picking up of snakes: TRIXIE REPTILAND SNAKE HOOK! Light and comfortable.

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  • Einfaches und verletzungsfreies Heben von Schlangen aus dem Terrarium
  • Liegt leicht und komfortabel in der Hand
  • Gefertigt aus stabilem Edelstahl
  • Mit einer Länge von 60 cm für viele Terrarien geeignet

Trixie Reptiland Snake Hook - for safe snake lifting

Snake keepers know this: From time to time a snake has to be lifted out of the terrarium - be it for cleaning the terrarium or for going to the vet. Snake hooks are the means of choice for this. Because only a specially shaped snake hook minimizes the stress for your reptiles and the effort for the snake holder. A good snake hook is characterized by its practical shape and maximum safety for your snakes. And that's where the Trixie Reptiland snake hook comes in. Trixie Reptiland snake hooks are massively processed - in contrast to inferior snake hooks, which usually consist of thin tube or even plastic. Nevertheless, the Trixie Reptiland snake hook is pleasantly light, which supports fatigue-free working in the terrarium. A further advantage of this snake hook is its stepped, very ergonomic handle - so you always have the Trixie Reptiland snake hook under control.

With a length of 60 cm, the Trixie Reptiland snake hook is particularly suitable for smaller and medium-sized snakes - e.g. corn snakes, lampreys, king pythons or sandboas. The Trixie Reptiland Snake Hook is also ideal for lifting snakes because the front area has been flattened, significantly reducing the risk of injury to your snakes. Last but not least, the Trixie Reptiland snake hook is also a good solution if you have to deal with poisonous or very shy snakes. The snake hook is considered by the animals to be comparatively much less dangerous than a human hand. That is why the snake hook is also a factor not to be underestimated when it comes to stressing snakes as little as possible.

Attention: For large snake species (e.g. pythons or boas) the Trixie Reptiland snake hook is recommended with its length of 60 cm less. For safety reasons you should use a larger and more stable snake hook.

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