Feeding tweezers (angled version)

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The indispensable helper for feeding: FOOD TWEEZERS (ANGLED)! Perfect for all types of feed animals.

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  • Futterpinzetten in verschiedenen Größen erhältlich
  • Präzise gefertigt aus rostfreiem Chirurgenstahl
  • Resistent gegen Reinigungsmittel und unglaublich formstabil
  • Exakt auf die Bedingungen bei der Fütterung von Reptilien zugeschnitten

Feed tweezers (angled design) - the practical helper when feeding reptiles

When it comes to fast and safe feeding of reptiles, these ingenious feeding tweezers are exactly the right choice. Our food tweezers are particularly easy to handle and are made of high-quality stainless steel - these food tweezers are made of so-called surgical steel. The processing of the feed tweezers is absolutely high-quality and you already notice when you take the feed tweezers in your hand for the first time that you are using a quality product. The feed tweezers are suitable for feeding all conceivable feed animals for reptiles. No matter whether you want to provide your terrarium protectionists with zophobas, crickets or grasshoppers - the ingenious food tweezers grab them all! Even small rodents can be gripped safely and firmly with the food tweezers. In this way you protect yourself effectively against bites or other injuries. By the way, you can also grasp tarantulas and scorpions with a suitable feeding tweezer. With their rounded and defused tips, you never run the risk of injuring food animals or terrarium animals with the food tweezers!

The food tweezers offered by us are exactly tailored to the needs in the terrarium. That's why you can get the robust food tweezers in different sizes. If you mainly have large reptiles to feed, the 60 cm high mega food tweezers are the right choice in any case. The feeding tweezers have maximum stability, which guarantees a long service life. Try our food tweezers - you will definitely be enthusiastic about quality and manageability. As far as the price-performance ratio is concerned, our food tweezers are always way ahead!

Here you get a feeding tweezer for the terrarium in the angled version. You simply choose the length of the tweezers according to your personal needs.

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