Feeding tongs sturdy design made of stainless steel

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  • Stabile Futterzange aus Edelstahl
  • In verschiedenen Größen erhältlich
  • Ergonomischer Griff erleichtert die Handhabung
  • Abgerundete Spitze schützt Reptilien vor Verletzungen

Feed tongs for feeding reptiles

These tongs are ideal for feeding reptiles, but they are also a useful tool for touching scorpions and tarantulas. Thanks to their size and very stable design, feed tongs are also ideal for feeding larger feed animals such as pythons, boas and large monitors. The pliers are made of high-quality, stainless steel and are particularly easy to clean and disinfect. The ergonomic shape of the handle is particularly noteworthy, which not only guarantees a secure grip but also ensures better wearing comfort during the use of the feed tongs. The tip of the feeding tongs is rounded and prevents in such a way that slamming reptiles injure themselves with the feeding.

length: 20, 30 or 40 cm

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