Exo Terra Snake Hook Telescopic Snake Hook

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The high-quality snake hook for effortless working: EXO TERRA SNAKE HOOK! Variable adjustable length, perfect grip.

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  • Telescopic, length variably adjustable from 25.5 to 60 cm
  • Ideal for young and medium-sized snakes
  • Particularly light and handy snake hook
  • Rounded tip for maximum safety
  • Ideal to take with you, integrated holding strap

Exo Terra Snake Hook - the brilliant, telescopic snake hook

When developing the Exo Terra Snake Hook, Exo Terra took a close look at the requirements of snake holders and used this knowledge to create an outstanding snake hook that is an ideal tool for terrarium professionals. The Exo Terra Snake Hook makes handling snakes much easier and safer. In addition, the use of the Exo Terra Snake Hook removes additional stress from your snakes. Why? Quite simple: Snakes perceive warm body parts clearly and can therefore react very quickly to hands or arms. The metal of the Exo Terra Snake Hook, on the other hand, has no heat signature, which makes lifting the snake easier.

The Exo Terra Snake Hook has a rounded tip which significantly reduces the risk of injury. When the Exo Terra Snake Hook is fully extended, the handle remains in position to prevent it from turning when lifting or holding a snake. By the way, snake hooks have become real universal tools in terraristics. The Exo Terra Snake Hook can be used to perform many everyday tasks. Besides the safe removal of the snake from the terrarium (e.g. for maintenance or cleaning purposes) or the fast transport to separate feeding places, this snake hook is also very suitable for moving decorative objects around in the terrarium.

Unlike many other snake hooks, the Exo Terra Snake Hook has been designed for compact dimensions. So you can use the Exo Terra snake hook e.g. completely outstanding on journeys and with field observations. The snake hook is not only ideal for safely handling snakes, but can also be used to lift larger stones or branches or to search through waste that you do not want to touch by hand. An integrated retaining strap also ensures that the snake hook cannot accidentally slip out of your hand.

And at the end a little tip for the correct lifting of your snake with the Exo Terra Snake Hook: Always place the snake hook on the middle body area of the snake and lift the animal gently and without jerky movements. If necessary, offer the snake additional support at the rear end of the body with your free hand or use a second snake hook for restless animals.

The Exo Terra Snake Hook can be extended to a variable length between 25.5 and 60 cm.

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