Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3

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For healthy reptiles and incredible breeding results: HERPETAL MINERAL + VITAMIN D3! Recommended by leading reptile breeders.

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  • Steigert Agilität und Wachstum von Reptilien sichtbar
  • Besonders leicht in der Anwendung und Dosierung
  • Gut zu verabreichen - haftet hervorragend an Futterinsekten oder Futterpflanzen
  • Schützt Reptilien wirksam vor vielen Krankheiten

Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 - the miracle cure for breeding and rearing healthy reptiles

Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 is definitely the remedy of choice when it comes to compensating for nutritional deficiencies in minerals. Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 is almost indispensable during the growth phases of reptiles and during pregnancy! Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 has proven to be one of the leading supplements for breeders within a very short period of time, because the added dose of vitamin D3 directly benefits the healthy development of chameleons, bearded dragons, geckos and many other lizard species. The "trick" is the effective combination of Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 with Herpetal Complete Terrarium. The breeding of young animals could almost be revolutionized with this ingenious and healthy combination! Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 was administered on four consecutive days, Herpetal Complete Terrarium on the next three days and so on. The result? All reptiles supplied with this system showed impressive laying and hatching rates! The offspring grew much faster and became visibly stronger than conventionally fed reptiles. Also the agility of the "Herpetal reptiles" was clearly higher.

So why is that? To answer this question, we need to understand how Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 works exactly. The minerals in Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 have many positive effects on reptiles. But what are the minerals in Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 good for?

- Minerals are indispensable in the formation of the body substance of reptiles. Minerals secure many important physiological processes.
- Minerals are elementary building blocks of the skeleton.
- Minerals play an important role in controlling the electrolyte balance.
- Minerals are involved in the formation of vital organic compounds (e.g. haemoglobin).
- Mineral deficiency (or insufficient absorption) can lead to disease. Rickitis is a typical clinical picture of mineral deficiency.

And what exactly are the advantages of Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3? You will be amazed at the properties of this healthy additive:

- High content of high-quality calcium citrate (47%) and calcium carbonate!
- The annoying addition of calcium citrate and calcium lactate is completely eliminated with Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3!
- High and immediate bioavailability - better absorption and utilisation by reptiles.
- Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 is particularly easy to dose and use.
- Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 adheres well to plants or feed insects - very easy to feed!
- Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 can be perfectly combined with other Herpetal products.
- Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 has a sensationally low phosphorus content (less than 0.05 %)!

Of course, the question of how Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 is dosed correctly is particularly important. Please follow our instructions.

Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 should be dosed as follows during pregnancy, during growth and in case of existing deficiency symptoms: Give up to 1.6 grams of Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 per kg live weight and per week. The measuring spoon supplied has a content of 0.8 grams.

For normally developed reptiles without visible deficiency symptoms, dose as follows: Give 0.8 grams of Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 per kg live weight per week.

IMPORTANT when using Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3:

Of course, we can only give guideline values for the dosage of Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3. The actual dose depends on the constitution of the reptiles and their individual metabolic performance and feed conversion! When dosing Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3, it is also essential to take into account the vitamin content of the feed. If you also give other vitamin or mineral preparations, you must also consider these amounts. In principle, however, you should not exceed our recommended dose of Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3! Exception: the previous arrangement with your veterinarian.

Composition of Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3:

calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, wheat starch (digested)
Ingredients/kg: Pure calcium (23%), phosphorus 0.03%, sodium 0.04%.
Additives/kg: vitamin D3 30,000 I.U., iodine as calcium iodate 100 mg, manganese as manganese II oxide 2000 mg, cobalt as basic cobalt II carbonate monohydrate 40 mg, iron as iron II sulphate monohydrate 5000 mg, selenium as sodium selenite 16 mg, zinc as zinc oxide 500 mg

You will receive the high-quality Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 in a 100-gram tin. Please store Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3 always cool and dry.

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