Herpetal Complete T (Terrarium)

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The ingenious supplementary food for your reptiles: HERPETAL COMPLETE T! Effectively prevents many reptile diseases.

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  • Optimales Kalzium-Phosphor-Verhältnis
  • Mit viel Vitamin A und wichtigem Jod
  • Sehr leicht zu dosieren - haftet hervorragend an Futtertieren und Futterpflanzen
  • Schützt Reptilien vor Panzererweichung und Fehlbildungen

Herpetal Complete T (Terrarium) - the perfect supplement for all reptiles. Prevents many diseases effectively

Herpetal Complete T (Terrarium) is a food supplement for all reptiles. Herpetal Complete T is a "miracle cure" for many types of diseases. Herpetal Complete T effectively prevents rickets, loss of appetite, moulting problems, sterility, apathy, growth disorders, goitre formation in reptiles and it significantly increases the stress resistance of reptiles. If reptiles suffer from growth-related diseases, an undersupply of vitamins and minerals is almost always the cause. Herpetal Complete T is an effective and extremely healthy remedy! Unformed tanks, bone softening and misalignments of legs or feet unfortunately still occur too often in terrarium animals. The reptiles have to suffer here completely unnecessarily and also for us terrarians this is a real poverty testimony. Because: By the regular administration of Herpetal Complete T all these serious health problems can be completely eliminated! All reptiles kept exclusively in terrariums MUST be supplied with Herpetal Complete T in our opinion. Herpetal Complete T is the guarantor for a long and really healthy reptile life. By the way: We have had very good experiences with the combination of Herpetal Complete T with Herpetal Mineral + Vitamin D3. We were able to detect particularly positive effects in the breeding of young chameleons - a sure sign of how well Herpetal Complete T works.

What exactly are the advantages of Herpetal Complete T and why is it so immensely beneficial to development and health in all reptiles? We'd better have a closer look at the special features of Herpetal Complete T:

- Herpetal Complete T was developed by reptile experts and practitioners especially for the requirements of reptiles.
- Herpetal Complete T has an optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio.
- Herpetal Complete T has such a high content of valuable calcium citrate that no further administration of calcium is necessary.
- Herpetal Complete T ensures incredibly high and rapid bioavailability of the ingredients so that reptiles can use them immediately.
- Herpetal Complete T has an optimized vitamin A content.
- Herpetal Complete T contains an extra high content of vital iodine.
- Herpetal Complete T is particularly easy to dose and use.
- Herpetal Complete T can be perfectly combined with other Herpetal products.

How should you use and dose Herpetal Complete T? This is very simple and if you follow our guidelines, you can't go wrong with healthy reptile nutrition:

Reptiles receive up to 1.6 grams of Herpetal Complete T per kg live weight and per week. In the case of weakened or diseased animals, follow the instructions of your veterinarian. You will also receive the practical measuring spoon with 0.8 gram content.

ATTENTION: Depending on their type and size, reptiles exhibit very different metabolic performance and feed conversion. Of course, the general constitution of the terrarium animals also plays a role. For this reason, we can only give guide values for the dosage of Herpetal Complete T here. When taking Herpetal Complete T in any case, always take into account the natural vitamin content of the normal food. Under no circumstances should you overdose Herpetal Complete T. If your reptiles require a special diet, simply contact your vet.

Composition of Herpetal Complete T:

calcium citrate, dicalcium phosphate, yeast, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide


Vitamin A 185,000 I.U.
Vitamin D3 30000 I.E.
Vitamin E (a-tocopherol) 2000 mg
Vitamin K1 30 mg
Vitamin C 4200 mg
Biotin 10,000 mcg
Folic acid 180 mg
Vitamin B1 1 60 mg
Vitamin B2 600 mg
Vitamin B6 450 mg
Vitamin B12 3900 m c g
Nicotinamide 1980 mg
Calpan 515 mg
Carnitine 15000 mg
Choline chloride 30000 mg
Iron (as iron II sulphate monohydrate) 400 mg
Copper (as amino acid copper chelate, hydrate) 200 mg
Manganese (as manganese II oxide) 320 mg
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 500 mg
Iodine (as calcium iodate) 50 mg
Cobalt (as basic cobalt II carbonate) 20 mg
Selenium (as sodium selenite) 8 mg
Molybdenum (as sodium molybdate) 0,4 mg


You will receive the high-quality Herpetal Complete T in a 100-gram tin. Please store Herpetal Complete T in a cool and dry place.

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