HerbaVital Electrolyte Drops

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If your reptiles refuse to eat or use food poorly: HERBAVITAL ELECTROLYTE DROPS! Supply important nutrients and calm the digestive system.

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  • Beruhigen den Magen-Darm-Trakt
  • Verhelfen Reptilien wieder zu gesundem Appetit
  • Versorgen Sie Reptilien mit wichtigen Nährstoffen
  • Einfach direkt ins Trinkwasser geben

HerbaVital Electrolyte Drops

Our HerbaVital electrolyte drops are suitable for diseased reptiles and all other small animals. HerbaVital electrolyte drops can be added directly into the drinking water in the terrarium. The special composition calms the gastrointestinal tract. Nutrient salts, dextrose, appetite stimulants and herbal extracts help with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract such as vomiting, disorders of gastrointestinal motor function, convalescence or even refusal to eat. Thus the reptiles are supplied with nutrients and at the same time HerbaVital electrolyte drops help the gastrointestinal tract to regenerate again. You will receive 10 ml HerbaVital electrolyte drops per pack.

Application 2 - 3 drops of electrolyte drops per 100 g body weight are mixed with the drinking water (20 ml).

Ingredients: total sugar 3%, potassium 0.35%, sodium 0.24%, calcium 0.01%, magnesium 0.009%, phosphorus 0.008%. Content of additives p. 1000 ml: 400 mg ferric chloride, 308 mg potassium iodide, 91,2 mg manganese chloride, 89,4 mg zinc acetate, 47,7 mg copper acetate, 24,8 mg cobalt chloride. Preservative: EG additive. This supplementary feed may only be fed up to 3 % of the daily ration due to the increased content of trace elements.

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